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Academic Article Disease mapping models: an empirical evaluation. Disease Mapping Collaborative Group.
Academic Article Disease map reconstruction.
Academic Article Bayesian hierarchical modelling to enhance the epidemiological value of abattoir surveys for bovine fasciolosis.
Academic Article Spatial statistical modeling of disease outbreaks with particular reference to the UK foot and mouth disease (FMD) epidemic of 2001.
Academic Article Disease cluster detection: a critique and a Bayesian proposal.
Academic Article Monitoring changes in spatio-temporal maps of disease.
Academic Article Dairy, magnesium, and calcium intake in relation to insulin sensitivity: approaches to modeling a dose-dependent association.
Academic Article A Bayesian hierarchical modeling approach for studying the factors affecting the stage at diagnosis of prostate cancer.
Academic Article Space-time Bayesian survival modeling of chronic wasting disease in deer.
Academic Article Bayesian spatial modeling of disease risk in relation to multivariate environmental risk fields.
Academic Article The relationship between mental retardation and developmental delays in children and the levels of arsenic, mercury and lead in soil samples taken near their mother's residence during pregnancy.
Academic Article Evaluating geographic variation in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus incidence in youth in four US regions.
Academic Article Bayesian hierarchical modeling of latent period switching in small-area putative health hazard studies.
Academic Article Modeling type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus incidence in youth: an application of Bayesian hierarchical regression for sparse small area data.
Academic Article When are fetuses and young children most susceptible to soil metal concentrations of arsenic, lead and mercury?
Academic Article Review of methods for space-time disease surveillance.
Academic Article Bayesian hierarchical modeling of the dynamics of spatio-temporal influenza season outbreaks.
Academic Article A spatial analysis of mental retardation of unknown cause and maternal residence during pregnancy.
Academic Article EWMA smoothing and Bayesian spatial modeling for health surveillance.
Academic Article Validation of Bayesian kriging of arsenic, chromium, lead, and mercury surface soil concentrations based on internode sampling.
Academic Article Variable selection for spatial random field predictors under a Bayesian mixed hierarchical spatial model.
Academic Article Joint disease mapping of cervical and male oropharyngeal cancer incidence in blacks and whites in South Carolina.
Academic Article Space-time latent component modeling of geo-referenced health data.
Academic Article Conditional predictive inference for online surveillance of spatial disease incidence.
Academic Article A Bayesian latent model with spatio-temporally varying coefficients in low birth weight incidence data.
Academic Article Foot and mouth disease revisited: re-analysis using Bayesian spatial susceptible-infectious-removed models.
Academic Article Bayesian point event modeling in spatial and environmental epidemiology.
Academic Article Bayesian semiparametric model with spatially-temporally varying coefficients selection.
Concept Bayes Theorem
Academic Article Comparing variational Bayes with Markov chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian computation in neuroimaging.
Academic Article Prior choice in discrete latent modeling of spatially referenced cancer survival.
Academic Article Bayesian importance parameter modeling of misaligned predictors: soil metal measures related to residential history and intellectual disability in children.
Academic Article Finding pathway-modulating genes from a novel Ontology Fingerprint-derived gene network.
Academic Article Bayesian multiple imputation for missing multivariate longitudinal data from a Parkinson's disease clinical trial.
Academic Article Bayesian latent structure modeling of walking behavior in a physical activity intervention.
Academic Article Prospective analysis of infectious disease surveillance data using syndromic information.
Academic Article A Bayesian semiparametric approach with change points for spatial ordinal data.
Academic Article Comparing INLA and OpenBUGS for hierarchical Poisson modeling in disease mapping.
Academic Article Bayesian model selection methods in modeling small area colon cancer incidence.
Academic Article The bivariate combined model for spatial data analysis.
Academic Article Bayesian accelerated failure time model for space-time dependency in a geographically augmented survival model.
Academic Article Bayesian spatially dependent variable selection for small area health modeling.
Academic Article Spatially-dependent Bayesian model selection for disease mapping.
Academic Article Disease mapping of zero-excessive mesothelioma data in Flanders.
Academic Article Spatial Bayesian surveillance for small area case event data.
Academic Article A model to estimate the impact of changes in MMR vaccine uptake on inequalities in measles susceptibility in Scotland.
Academic Article Space-time variation of respiratory cancers in South Carolina: a flexible multivariate mixture modeling approach to risk estimation.
Academic Article Bayesian multi-scale modeling for aggregated disease mapping data.
Academic Article Bayesian prospective detection of small area health anomalies using Kullback-Leibler divergence.
Academic Article Spatial small area smoothing models for handling survey data with nonresponse.
Academic Article Assessment of spatial variation in breast cancer-specific mortality using Louisiana SEER data.
Academic Article Improving SNP prioritization and pleiotropic architecture estimation by incorporating prior knowledge using graph-GPA.
Academic Article A statistical framework for biomedical literature mining.
Academic Article A Bayesian space-time model for clustering areal units based on their disease trends.
Academic Article Towards integrated surveillance of zoonoses: spatiotemporal joint modeling of rodent population data and human tularemia cases in Finland.
Academic Article A Bayesian Quantile Modeling for Spatiotemporal Relative Risk: An Application to Adverse Risk Detection of Respiratory Diseases in South Carolina, USA.
Academic Article Toward Preventing Enamel Hypoplasia: Modeling Maternal and Neonatal Biomarkers of Human Calcium Homeostasis.
Academic Article A Bayesian spatio-temporal analysis of neighborhood pediatric asthma emergency department visit disparities.
Academic Article Joint space-time Bayesian disease mapping via quantification of disease risk association.
Academic Article Integration of animal health and public health surveillance sources to exhaustively inform the risk of zoonosis: An application to echinococcosis in Rio Negro, Argentina.
Academic Article Modelling and predicting the spatio-temporal spread of COVID-19, associated deaths and impact of key risk factors in England.
Academic Article Space-time covid-19 Bayesian SIR modeling in South Carolina.
Academic Article NIMBLE for Bayesian Disease Mapping.
Academic Article Multi-Scale Multivariate Models for Small Area Health Survey Data: A Chilean Example.
Academic Article A geographic identifier assignment algorithm with Bayesian variable selection to identify neighborhood factors associated with emergency department visit disparities for asthma.
Academic Article Identifying hotspots of cardiometabolic outcomes based on a Bayesian approach: The example of Chile.
Academic Article Using Bayesian time-stratified case-crossover models to examine associations between air pollution and "asthma seasons" in a low air pollution environment.
Academic Article Spatially varying racial inequities in cardiovascular health and the contribution of individual- and neighborhood-level characteristics across the United States: The REasons for geographic and racial differences in stroke (REGARDS) study.
Academic Article Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Prediction and Counterfactual Generation: An Application in Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions in COVID-19.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal reproduction number with Bayesian model selection for evaluation of emerging infectious disease transmissibility: an application to COVID-19 national surveillance data.
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