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Academic Article Metal concentrations in rural topsoil in South Carolina: potential for human health impact.
Academic Article Soil metal concentrations and toxicity: associations with distances to industrial facilities and implications for human health.
Academic Article When are fetuses and young children most susceptible to soil metal concentrations of arsenic, lead and mercury?
Academic Article Identifying natural and anthropogenic sources of metals in urban and rural soils using GIS-based data, PCA, and spatial interpolation.
Academic Article Validation of Bayesian kriging of arsenic, chromium, lead, and mercury surface soil concentrations based on internode sampling.
Academic Article Associations of estimated residential soil arsenic and lead concentrations and community-level environmental measures with mother-child health conditions in South Carolina.
Academic Article Associations between soil lead concentrations and populations by race/ethnicity and income-to-poverty ratio in urban and rural areas.
Concept Soil Pollutants
Academic Article Temporal and spatial variation in residential soil metal concentrations: implications for exposure assessments.
Academic Article Bayesian importance parameter modeling of misaligned predictors: soil metal measures related to residential history and intellectual disability in children.
Academic Article Associations between land cover categories, soil concentrations of arsenic, lead and barium, and population race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status.
Academic Article Does the metal content in soil around a pregnant woman's home increase the risk of low birth weight for her infant?
Academic Article A Bayesian semiparametric approach with change points for spatial ordinal data.
Academic Article Potential sources and racial disparities in the residential distribution of soil arsenic and lead among pregnant women.
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