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Academic Article Spatial accessibility and availability measures and statistical properties in the food environment.
Academic Article When are fetuses and young children most susceptible to soil metal concentrations of arsenic, lead and mercury?
Academic Article Editorial.
Academic Article Review of methods for space-time disease surveillance.
Academic Article A spatial analysis of mental retardation of unknown cause and maternal residence during pregnancy.
Academic Article Identifying natural and anthropogenic sources of metals in urban and rural soils using GIS-based data, PCA, and spatial interpolation.
Academic Article Validation of Bayesian kriging of arsenic, chromium, lead, and mercury surface soil concentrations based on internode sampling.
Academic Article Foot and mouth disease revisited: re-analysis using Bayesian spatial susceptible-infectious-removed models.
Academic Article Imputational modeling of spatial context and social environmental predictors of walking in an underserved community: the PATH trial.
Academic Article Bayesian model selection methods in modeling small area colon cancer incidence.
Academic Article The bivariate combined model for spatial data analysis.
Academic Article Bayesian spatially dependent variable selection for small area health modeling.
Academic Article Mind the Scales: Harnessing Spatial Big Data for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Inference.
Academic Article Addressing geographic confounding through spatial propensity scores: a study of racial disparities in diabetes.
Academic Article Spatially-explicit survival modeling with discrete grouping of cancer predictors.
Academic Article Analysis of racial differences in hospital stays in the presence of geographic confounding.
Academic Article Propensity score matching for multilevel spatial data: accounting for geographic confounding in health disparity studies.
Academic Article NIMBLE for Bayesian Disease Mapping.
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