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Academic Article Approaches to the space-time modelling of infectious disease behaviour.
Academic Article Spatial statistical modeling of disease outbreaks with particular reference to the UK foot and mouth disease (FMD) epidemic of 2001.
Academic Article Surveillance of individual level disease maps.
Academic Article Space-time Bayesian survival modeling of chronic wasting disease in deer.
Academic Article Review of methods for space-time disease surveillance.
Academic Article Bayesian hierarchical modeling of the dynamics of spatio-temporal influenza season outbreaks.
Academic Article Online updating of space-time disease surveillance models via particle filters.
Academic Article Space-time latent component modeling of geo-referenced health data.
Academic Article Bayesian semiparametric model with spatially-temporally varying coefficients selection.
Academic Article Tests for directional space-time interaction in epidemiological data.
Concept Time Factors
Concept Space-Time Clustering
Academic Article Respiratory symptoms and lung function 8-10 months after community exposure to chlorine gas: a public health intervention and cross-sectional analysis.
Academic Article A Bayesian normal mixture accelerated failure time spatial model and its application to prostate cancer.
Academic Article Bayesian accelerated failure time model for space-time dependency in a geographically augmented survival model.
Academic Article Space-Time Areal Mixture Model: Relabeling Algorithm and Model Selection Issues.
Academic Article Space-time Bayesian small area disease risk models: development and evaluation with a focus on cluster detection.
Academic Article Bayesian Parametric Accelerated Failure Time Spatial Model and its Application to Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article Bayesian latent structure models with space-time-dependent covariates.
Academic Article Space-time stick-breaking processes for small area disease cluster estimation.
Academic Article Space-time variation of respiratory cancers in South Carolina: a flexible multivariate mixture modeling approach to risk estimation.
Academic Article Extensions to Multivariate Space Time Mixture Modeling of Small Area Cancer Data.
Academic Article Bayesian 2-Stage Space-Time Mixture Modeling With Spatial Misalignment of the Exposure in Small Area Health Data.
Academic Article A Bayesian two-stage spatially dependent variable selection model for space-time health data.
Academic Article A Bayesian space-time model for clustering areal units based on their disease trends.
Academic Article Temporally dependent accelerated failure time model for capturing the impact of events that alter survival in disease mapping.
Academic Article Joint space-time Bayesian disease mapping via quantification of disease risk association.
Academic Article Modelling and predicting the spatio-temporal spread of COVID-19, associated deaths and impact of key risk factors in England.
Academic Article Space-time covid-19 Bayesian SIR modeling in South Carolina.
Academic Article Using Bayesian time-stratified case-crossover models to examine associations between air pollution and "asthma seasons" in a low air pollution environment.
Academic Article Bayesian space-time SIR modeling of Covid-19 in two US states during the 2020-2021 pandemic.
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