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Academic Article Variation in GABRA2 predicts drinking behavior in project MATCH subjects.
Academic Article Pro-opiomelanocortin gene variation related to alcohol or drug dependence: evidence and replications across family- and population-based studies.
Academic Article Association of variants in MANEA with cocaine-related behaviors.
Academic Article Rare nonsynonymous variants in alpha-4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor gene protect against nicotine dependence.
Academic Article Interacting effects of naltrexone and OPRM1 and DAT1 variation on the neural response to alcohol cues.
Academic Article A review of genetic, biological, pharmacological, and clinical factors that affect carbohydrate-deficient transferrin levels.
Academic Article Association of markers in the 3' region of the GluR5 kainate receptor subunit gene to alcohol dependence.
Academic Article Variation in the gene encoding the serotonin transporter is associated with a measure of sociopathy in alcoholics.
Academic Article Variation in NGFB is associated with primary affective disorders in women.
Academic Article GABRG1 and GABRA2 variation associated with alcohol dependence in African Americans.
Academic Article Variation in regulator of G-protein signaling 17 gene (RGS17) is associated with multiple substance dependence diagnoses.
Concept Genetic Variation
Academic Article Interactive effects of OPRM1 and DAT1 genetic variation on subjective responses to alcohol.
Academic Article Dopaminergic Genetic Variation Influences Aripiprazole Effects on Alcohol Self-Administration and the Neural Response to Alcohol Cues in a Randomized Trial.
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