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Academic Article Surfactant protein B corrects oxygen-induced pulmonary dysfunction in heterozygous surfactant protein B-deficient mice.
Academic Article Inhibitory effects of tumor necrosis factor-alpha on cationic lipid-mediated gene delivery to airway cells in vitro.
Academic Article Pulmonary surfactant inhibits LPS-induced nitric oxide production by alveolar macrophages.
Academic Article Effects of lung surfactant proteolipid SP-C on the organization of model membrane lipids: a fluorescence study.
Academic Article Requirements concerning antiseptics for periorbital, orbital and intraorbital application. Local tolerance.
Academic Article Surface properties of sulfur- and ether-linked phosphonolipids with and without purified hydrophobic lung surfactant proteins.
Academic Article Establishment of epidermal cell lines derived from the skin of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus).
Academic Article Hemoglobin is expressed by alveolar epithelial cells.
Academic Article Surfactant protein A and D in human sinus mucosa: a preliminary report.
Academic Article Sinonasal surfactant protein A1, A2, and D gene expression in cystic fibrosis: a preliminary report.
Academic Article Succination of protein thiols during adipocyte maturation: a biomarker of mitochondrial stress.
Academic Article Innate and adaptive mediators in cystic fibrosis and allergic fungal rhinosinusitis.
Academic Article The role of crustins in Litopenaeus vannamei in response to infection with shrimp pathogens: An in vivo approach.
Academic Article Characterization of alveolar epithelial cells cultured in semipermeable hollow fibers.
Academic Article Surfactant protein C-deficient mice are susceptible to respiratory syncytial virus infection.
Academic Article Direct binding of glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase to telomeric DNA protects telomeres against chemotherapy-induced rapid degradation.
Academic Article Racial disparity in maternal and fetal-cord bisphenol A concentrations.
Academic Article Quantitative methods to characterize morphological properties of cell lines.
Academic Article Association of maternal vitamin D and placenta growth factor with the diagnosis of early onset severe preeclampsia.
Academic Article Genetic replacement of surfactant protein-C reduces respiratory syncytial virus induced lung injury.
Academic Article Deacylated pulmonary surfactant protein SP-C transforms from alpha-helical to amyloid fibril structure via a pH-dependent mechanism: an infrared structural investigation.
Academic Article Surfactant protein A-polylysine conjugates for delivery of DNA to airway cells in culture.
Academic Article Utilization of modified surfactant-associated protein B for delivery of DNA to airway cells in culture.
Academic Article Acylation of pulmonary surfactant protein-C is required for its optimal surface active interactions with phospholipids.
Academic Article Differential activity and lack of synergy of lung surfactant proteins SP-B and SP-C in interactions with phospholipids.
Academic Article Structure and functions of a dimeric form of surfactant protein SP-C: a Fourier transform infrared and surfactometry study.
Academic Article Higher molecular mass forms of TGFalpha in human milk.
Academic Article TGFalpha within compartments of human milk.
Academic Article Elevated serum kininogen in patients with Paget's disease of bone: a role in marrow stromal/preosteoblast cell proliferation.
Academic Article Biophysical inhibition of synthetic phospholipid-lung surfactant apoprotein admixtures by plasma proteins.
Academic Article Surfactant protein B detection and gene expression in chronic rhinosinusitis.
Academic Article Effects of naturally occurring and synthetic organoselenium compounds on protein profiling in androgen responsive and androgen independent human prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Oral instillation with surfactant phospholipid: a reliable alternative to intratracheal injection in mouse studies.
Academic Article Surfactant protein SP-B induces ordering at the surface of model membrane bilayers.
Academic Article Hypoxia up-regulates expression of hemoglobin in alveolar epithelial cells.
Academic Article Brevetoxin-2 induces an inflammatory response in an alveolar macrophage cell line.
Academic Article Cryopreservation and in vitro culture of primary cell types from lung tissue of a stranded pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps).
Academic Article Maternal vitamin D and fetal growth in early-onset severe preeclampsia.
Academic Article Surfactant peptides stimulate uptake of phosphatidylcholine by isolated cells.
Academic Article pH homeostasis in Leishmania donovani amastigotes and promastigotes.
Academic Article Lipid effects on aggregation of pulmonary surfactant protein SP-C studied by fluorescence energy transfer.
Academic Article Distinct effects of SP-A and SP-B on endocytosis of SP-C by pulmonary epithelial cells.
Concept Cytokines
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A
Concept Macrophages, Alveolar
Concept Epithelial Cells
Concept Disease Models, Animal
Concept Dexamethasone
Concept Goblet Cells
Concept Molecular Weight
Concept Temperature
Concept Alveolar Epithelial Cells
Concept Microscopy, Electron
Concept Endocytosis
Concept RNA, Small Interfering
Concept Androgens
Concept Fetal Development
Concept Heat-Shock Proteins
Concept Interferon-gamma
Concept Kininogens
Concept Phosphatidylethanolamines
Concept Rhinitis
Concept Lactalbumin
Concept Multigene Family
Concept Mitochondria
Concept Carbon
Concept Leishmania donovani
Concept Prostatic Neoplasms
Concept Lactic Acid
Concept Rats, Inbred Strains
Concept Dioctyl Sulfosuccinic Acid
Concept Geography
Concept Gene Expression
Concept Fetal Blood
Concept Cytotoxins
Concept Diabetes Complications
Concept Phosphatidylglycerols
Concept RNA Interference
Concept Fluorescent Dyes
Concept Globins
Concept Terbutaline
Concept DNA, Complementary
Concept L-Lactate Dehydrogenase
Concept Telomere
Concept HSP27 Heat-Shock Proteins
Concept Electrophoresis, Gel, Two-Dimensional
Concept Dependovirus
Concept Dolphins
Concept Electron Transport Complex I
Concept 3T3-L1 Cells
Concept Cricetinae
Concept Administration, Oral
Concept Food
Concept Respiratory Syncytial Viruses
Concept Confidence Intervals
Concept Amino Acid Substitution
Concept Spermine
Concept Disease Susceptibility
Concept Homeostasis
Concept Ligands
Concept Chronic Disease
Concept DNA
Concept Double-Blind Method
Concept Amino Acid Sequence
Concept Microscopy, Phase-Contrast
Concept 1,2-Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine
Concept Polyurethanes
Concept Mice, Knockout
Concept Antibodies
Concept Endothelial Cells
Concept Antineoplastic Agents
Concept Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 3-gamma
Concept Aroclors
Concept Cell Respiration
Concept Culture Media
Concept Phospholipases A
Concept Biological Products
Concept Blotting, Western
Concept Bronchi
Concept Toll-Like Receptor 4
Concept Environmental Exposure
Concept Microvilli
Concept 3T3 Cells
Concept Lipopolysaccharides
Concept Leigh Disease
Concept Spectral Karyotyping
Concept Petroleum
Concept Hyaluronan Receptors
Concept Tumor Cells, Cultured
Concept Biopsy
Concept Area Under Curve
Concept Dietary Supplements
Concept Bone Density
Concept Chromatography, Liquid
Concept Infant Formula
Concept Energy Metabolism
Concept Logistic Models
Concept Feeding Methods
Concept Procollagen
Concept Child, Preschool
Concept Inflammation Mediators
Concept Epidermis
Concept Cell Line, Transformed
Concept Tritium
Concept Cysteine
Concept Insulin Resistance
Concept Procollagen-Proline Dioxygenase
Concept Histocytochemistry
Concept Nutrition Policy
Concept Maternal-Fetal Exchange
Concept Air
Concept Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 3
Concept Adenocarcinoma
Concept Adaptation, Physiological
Concept Leukocytes
Concept Molecular Structure
Concept Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha
Concept Drug Carriers
Concept Immunity, Innate
Concept Eye
Concept Food Handling
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
Concept Dimethadione
Concept Monocarboxylic Acid Transporters
Concept Vibrio
Concept Mice, Inbred C57BL
Concept Lysine
Concept GATA1 Transcription Factor
Concept Adsorption
Concept Cells, Cultured
Concept Cell Hypoxia
Concept Phosphates
Concept Phosphatidylcholines
Concept Oxygen
Concept Early Growth Response Protein 1
Concept Bottle-Nosed Dolphin
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta1
Concept Caseins
Concept Viral Load
Concept Succinates
Concept Lung
Concept Oleic Acids
Concept Severity of Illness Index
Concept RNA, Messenger
Concept Cell Proliferation
Concept MAP Kinase Signaling System
Concept Hormones
Concept Humans
Concept Cryopreservation
Concept Doxorubicin
Concept Sinusitis
Concept Energy Transfer
Concept Vitamin D
Concept Body Fluids
Concept Cattle
Concept Fourier Analysis
Concept Mothers
Concept Pulmonary Surfactant-Associated Protein D
Concept Heme
Concept Glucuronosyltransferase
Concept Keratins
Concept Acylation
Concept Fibrinogen
Concept Rhinitis, Allergic, Perennial
Concept Epithelium
Concept Microscopy, Fluorescence
Concept DNA, Recombinant
Concept Citric Acid Cycle
Concept Pulmonary Alveoli
Concept Etoposide
Concept Tissue Culture Techniques
Concept Plant Extracts
Concept Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (NADP+)
Concept Dinitrophenols
Concept Liposomes
Concept Cell Membrane
Concept Coculture Techniques
Concept Environmental Monitoring
Concept Sex Factors
Concept Lipopolysaccharide Receptors
Concept Weight Loss
Concept Tissue Banks
Concept Cell Culture Techniques
Concept Chemokine CCL11
Concept Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Concept Phagocytosis
Concept Polychlorinated Biphenyls
Concept Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay
Concept Membranes, Artificial
Concept Th1 Cells
Concept Infant Nutritional Physiological Phenomena
Concept Interleukin-8
Concept Betamethasone
Concept Carbonyl Cyanide p-Trifluoromethoxyphenylhydrazone
Concept Adenoviridae
Concept Case-Control Studies
Concept Glucose Intolerance
Concept Tight Junctions
Concept Extracellular Signal-Regulated MAP Kinases
Concept Milk, Human
Concept Fumarates
Concept Succinic Acid
Concept Collectins
Concept Prospective Studies
Concept Hyaluronic Acid
Concept Cross-Sectional Studies
Concept Brain Stem
Concept PPAR gamma
Concept Interleukin-6
Concept Hemoglobins
Concept Diet
Concept Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Concept Interleukin-12
Concept Proteomics
Concept Dyslipidemias
Concept Symporters
Concept Infant, Small for Gestational Age
Concept Cytological Techniques
Concept Cell Line
Concept Glucocorticoids
Concept Pre-Eclampsia
Concept Bottle Feeding
Concept Glycolysis
Concept Defective Viruses
Concept Breast Feeding
Concept Sunlight
Concept Cholecalciferol
Concept Phenols
Concept Risk Factors
Concept Erythroid Cells
Concept Benzhydryl Compounds
Concept Deoxycytidine
Concept Steroids
Concept Nasal Polyps
Concept Pulmonary Surfactant-Associated Protein A
Concept Vitamins
Concept Oleic Acid
Concept Adiposity
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-ets
Concept Immunohistochemistry
Concept Oxocins
Concept ROC Curve
Concept DNA, Single-Stranded
Concept Cell Line, Tumor
Concept Molecular Sequence Data
Concept Milk Proteins
Concept Immunoblotting
Concept Cell Count
Concept Atrial Natriuretic Factor
Concept RNA, Double-Stranded
Concept Metabolic Diseases
Concept Glucose
Academic Article Persistence of LPS-induced lung inflammation in surfactant protein-C-deficient mice.
Academic Article Alveolar type II cells maintain bioenergetic homeostasis in hypoxia through metabolic and molecular adaptation.
Academic Article Cryopreservation of viable human lung tissue for versatile post-thaw analyses and culture.
Academic Article Microarray applications to understand the impact of exposure to environmental contaminants in wild dolphins (Tursiops truncatus).
Academic Article Lactate as substrate for mitochondrial respiration in alveolar epithelial type II cells.
Academic Article OS068. 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and angiogenic factors in early-onset severe preeclampsia.
Academic Article PP161. Association of maternal vitamin D and placenta growth factor with early-onset severe preeclampsia.
Academic Article Effects of Crude Oil/Dispersant Mixture and Dispersant Components on PPAR? Activity in Vitro and in Vivo: Identification of Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (DOSS; CAS #577-11-7) as a Probable Obesogen.
Academic Article Succination is Increased on Select Proteins in the Brainstem of the NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) Fe-S protein 4 (Ndufs4) Knockout Mouse, a Model of Leigh Syndrome.
Academic Article The commonly used nonionic surfactant Span 80 has RXRa transactivation activity, which likely increases the obesogenic potential of oil dispersants and food emulsifiers.
Academic Article Cross-reactivity between HLA-A2-restricted FLU-M1:58-66 and HIV p17 GAG:77-85 epitopes in HIV-infected and uninfected individuals.
Academic Article Transforming growth factor ?1 (TGF?1) regulates CD44V6 expression and activity through extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK)-induced EGR1 in pulmonary fibrogenic fibroblasts.
Academic Article Analytical considerations and general diagnostic and therapeutic ramifications of milk hormones during lactation.
Academic Article Vitamin D binding protein polymorphisms significantly impact vitamin D status in children.
Academic Article Increased adiposity, inflammation, metabolic disruption and dyslipidemia in adult male offspring of DOSS treated C57BL/6 dams.
Academic Article Insights image for vitamin D binding protein polymorphisms significantly impact vitamin D status in children.
Academic Article Molecular Mechanisms of Maternal Diabetes Effects on Fetal and Neonatal Surfactant.
Academic Article Systemic sclerosis biomarkers detection in the secretome of TGF?1-activated primary human lung fibroblasts.
Academic Article Effects of vitamin D supplementation on circulating concentrations of growth factors and immune-mediators in healthy women during pregnancy.
Academic Article Safety Aspects of a Randomized Clinical Trial of Maternal and Infant Vitamin D Supplementation by Feeding Type Through 7 Months Postpartum.
Concept Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions
Concept Petroleum Pollution
Concept Myofibroblasts
Concept Primary Cell Culture
Concept Food Storage
Concept In Vitro Techniques
Concept Gastrointestinal Microbiome
Concept A549 Cells
Concept Placenta Growth Factor
Concept Hyaluronan Synthases
Concept Mice, 129 Strain
Concept HEK293 Cells
Academic Article Dexamethasone Alters Tracheal Aspirate T-Cell Cytokine Production in Ventilated Preterm Infants.
Academic Article Oxygen and steroids affect the regulatory role of natriuretic peptide receptor-C on surfactant secretion by type II cells.
Academic Article Dysfunctional lactate metabolism in human alveolar type II cells from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis lung explant tissue.
Academic Article Sociodemographic factors affecting perceived stress during pregnancy and the association with immune-mediator concentrations.
Academic Article Cytotoxic Lactalbumin-Oleic Acid Complexes in the Human Milk Diet of Preterm Infants.
Academic Article Maternal Vitamin D Status Correlates to Leukocyte Antigenic Responses in Breastfeeding Infants.
Academic Article Identifying single-strain growth patterns of human gut microbes in response to preterm human milk and formula.
Academic Article Comparison of Infant Bone Mineral Content and Density After Infant Daily Oral Vit D 400 IU Supplementation Versus Nursing Mother Oral 6,400 IU Supplementation: A Randomized Controlled Lactation Study.
Academic Article Free Fatty Acid and a-Lactalbumin-Oleic Acid Complexes in Preterm Human Milk Are Cytotoxic to Fetal Intestinal Cells in vitro.
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