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Academic Article Prescription opioid aberrant behaviors: a pilot study of sex differences.
Academic Article Gender and prescription opioids: findings from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.
Academic Article Characteristics and correlates of men and women with prescription opioid dependence.
Academic Article Pilot of a brief, web-based educational intervention targeting safe storage and disposal of prescription opioids.
Academic Article Comparative profiles of men and women with opioid dependence: results from a national multisite effectiveness trial.
Concept Analgesics, Opioid
Academic Article Pain management perceptions among prescription opioid dependent individuals.
Academic Article Discontinuation of buprenorphine maintenance therapy: perspectives and outcomes.
Academic Article Patient Perspectives Associated with Intended Duration of Buprenorphine Maintenance Therapy.
Academic Article Sensitized brain response to acute pain in patients using prescription opiates for chronic pain: A pilot study.
Academic Article Laboratory-induced stress and craving predict opioid use during follow-up among individuals with prescription opioid use disorder.
Academic Article Sleep moderates the relationship between stress and craving in individuals with opioid use disorder.
Academic Article Motives for prescription opioid use: The role of alexithymia and distress tolerance.
Academic Article Self-report and urine drug screen concordance among women with co-occurring PTSD and substance use disorders participating in a clinical trial: Impact of drug type and participant characteristics.
Academic Article Transcutaneous cervical vagus nerve stimulation reduces behavioral and physiological manifestations of withdrawal in patients with opioid use disorder: A double-blind, randomized, sham-controlled pilot study.
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