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Academic Article Gel stretch method: a new method to measure constitutive properties of cardiac muscle cells.
Academic Article Beta3-integrin-mediated focal adhesion complex formation: adult cardiocytes embedded in three-dimensional polymer matrices.
Academic Article Regulation of Ncx1 expression. Identification of regulatory elements mediating cardiac-specific expression and up-regulation.
Academic Article Cardiac extracellular matrix remodeling: fibrillar collagens and Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine (SPARC).
Academic Article Quantification of protein expression changes in the aging left ventricle of Rattus norvegicus.
Academic Article Site-specific microtubule-associated protein 4 dephosphorylation causes microtubule network densification in pressure overload cardiac hypertrophy.
Academic Article Rapamycin treatment augments both protein ubiquitination and Akt activation in pressure-overloaded rat myocardium.
Academic Article Constitutive properties of hypertrophied myocardium: cellular contribution to changes in myocardial stiffness.
Academic Article Viscoelastic properties of pressure overload hypertrophied myocardium: effect of serine protease treatment.
Academic Article Effects of the absence of procollagen C-endopeptidase enhancer-2 on myocardial collagen accumulation in chronic pressure overload.
Academic Article In vivo measurements of the contributions of protein synthesis and protein degradation in regulating cardiac pressure overload hypertrophy in the mouse.
Academic Article Changes in extracellular collagen matrix alter myocardial systolic performance.
Academic Article Biomarkers of diastolic dysfunction and myocardial fibrosis: application to heart failure with a preserved ejection fraction.
Academic Article Selective translation of mRNAs in the left ventricular myocardium of the mouse in response to acute pressure overload.
Academic Article A direct test of the hypothesis that increased microtubule network density contributes to contractile dysfunction of the hypertrophied heart.
Academic Article Pressure overload-induced alterations in fibrillar collagen content and myocardial diastolic function: role of secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine (SPARC) in post-synthetic procollagen processing.
Academic Article Age-dependent alterations in fibrillar collagen content and myocardial diastolic function: role of SPARC in post-synthetic procollagen processing.
Academic Article Pressure overload-dependent membrane type 1-matrix metalloproteinase induction: relationship to LV remodeling and fibrosis.
Academic Article Time course of right ventricular pressure-overload induced myocardial fibrosis: relationship to changes in fibroblast postsynthetic procollagen processing.
Concept Myocardium
Academic Article Mechanistic relationship between membrane type-1 matrix metalloproteinase and the myocardial response to pressure overload.
Academic Article Myocardial stiffness in patients with heart failure and a preserved ejection fraction: contributions of collagen and titin.
Academic Article Secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine facilitates age-related cardiac inflammation and macrophage M1 polarization.
Academic Article Plasma Biomarkers Reflecting Profibrotic Processes in Heart Failure With a Preserved Ejection Fraction: Data From the Prospective Comparison of ARNI With ARB on Management of Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction Study.
Academic Article Increased ADAMTS1 mediates SPARC-dependent collagen deposition in the aging myocardium.
Academic Article Increased macrophage-derived SPARC precedes collagen deposition in myocardial fibrosis.
Academic Article Suppression of angiotensin II-induced pathological changes in heart and kidney by the caveolin-1 scaffolding domain peptide.
Academic Article SPARC production by bone marrow-derived cells contributes to myocardial fibrosis in pressure overload.
Academic Article Pressure overload generates a cardiac-specific profile of inflammatory mediators.
Academic Article Mechanisms that limit regression of myocardial fibrosis following removal of left ventricular pressure overload.
Academic Article Phenotypic characterization of primary cardiac fibroblasts from patients with HFpEF.
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