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Academic Article Non-treatment laboratory stress- and cue-reactivity studies are associated with decreased substance use among drug-dependent individuals.
Concept Bayes Theorem
Academic Article Bayesian modeling of multivariate spatial binary data with applications to dental caries.
Academic Article A spatial beta-binomial model for clustered count data on dental caries.
Academic Article Linear mixed models for skew-normal/independent bivariate responses with an application to periodontal disease.
Academic Article Hidden Markov models for zero-inflated Poisson counts with an application to substance use.
Academic Article Skew-normal/independent linear mixed models for censored responses with applications to HIV viral loads.
Academic Article A multilevel model for spatially correlated binary data in the presence of misclassification: an application in oral health research.
Academic Article Augmented mixed beta regression models for periodontal proportion data.
Academic Article Augmented mixed models for clustered proportion data.
Academic Article Bayesian semiparametric variable selection with applications to periodontal data.
Academic Article Semiparametric Bayesian latent variable regression for skewed multivariate data.
Academic Article Spatial skew-normal/independent models for nonrandomly missing clustered data.
Academic Article BAREB: A Bayesian repulsive biclustering model for periodontal data.
Academic Article Bayesian additive regression trees for multivariate skewed responses.
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