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overview Dr. Becker's overall research focus is directed at elucidating neurobiological mechanisms and environmental factors underlying the addictive effects of alcohol, including adaptive changes resulting from chronic alcohol exposure that play a role in promoting excessive alcohol consumption and enhanced relapse vulnerability. He leads a multidisciplinary research program involving use of animals models for studying factors (e.g., stress) that facilitate transition to uncontrolled drinking, with the goal of identifying and evaluating new therapeutic targets and strategies for treating problem drinking and alcoholism. His research is supported by numerous grants from NIH/NIAA and the VA, and he serves on several advisory and editorial boards. As Director of the Charleston Alcohol Research Center, he coordinates and actively promotes integration of preclinical and clinical investigations that focus on the general theme of treatment and treatment implications for alcohol use disorders. Additionally, he is actively engaged in mentoring graduate and postdoctoral students as well as junior faculty.
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