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Academic Article Does smoking reduction increase future cessation and decrease disease risk? A qualitative review.
Academic Article Misperceptions of nicotine replacement therapy within racially and ethnically diverse smokers.
Academic Article Effect of smoking reduction on later cessation: a pilot experimental study.
Academic Article Author response.
Academic Article A pilot study of screening, brief intervention, and referral for treatment (SBIRT) in non-treatment seeking smokers with HIV.
Academic Article Defining quit attempts: what difference does a day make?
Academic Article The feasibility of smoking reduction: an update.
Academic Article Lung and bronchus cancer disparities in South Carolina: epidemiology and strategies for prevention.
Academic Article Reactivity to nicotine cues over repeated cue reactivity sessions.
Academic Article Do point prevalence and prolonged abstinence measures produce similar results in smoking cessation studies? A systematic review.
Academic Article Proactive recruitment in clinical trials: an idea whose time has come.
Academic Article 'Closet' quit attempts: prevalence, correlates and association with outcome.
Academic Article Predictors of quit attempts and abstinence among smokers not currently interested in quitting.
Academic Article Current status of tobacco policy and control.
Academic Article Cigarette warning label policy alternatives and smoking-related health disparities.
Academic Article Characteristics of cigarette smokers who want to quit now versus quit later.
Academic Article Smoking topography and abstinence in adult female smokers.
Academic Article An exploratory short-term double-blind randomized trial of varenicline versus nicotine patch for smoking cessation in women.
Academic Article Gender differences in responses to cues presented in the natural environment of cigarette smokers.
Academic Article Gender differences in medication use and cigarette smoking cessation: results from the International Tobacco Control Four Country Survey.
Academic Article Use of stop-smoking medications in the United States before and after the introduction of varenicline.
Academic Article One-Year Smoking Trajectories Among Established Adult Smokers With Low Baseline Motivation to Quit.
Academic Article A Pilot Randomized Crossover Trial of Electronic Cigarette Sampling Among Smokers.
Academic Article Effect of a Brief Memory Updating Intervention on Smoking Behavior: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Effectiveness of Switching Smoking-Cessation Medications Following Relapse.
Academic Article State Tobacco Policies as Predictors of Evidence-Based Cessation Method Usage: Results From a Large, Nationally Representative Dataset.
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