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Academic Article Pneumatic balloon dilation in achalasia: a prospective comparison of balloon distention time.
Academic Article Pneumatic dilatation is effective long-term treatment for achalasia.
Academic Article Massively dilated esophagus in achalasia: response to pneumatic balloon dilation.
Academic Article Use of botulinum toxin as a diagnostic/therapeutic trial to help clarify an indication for definitive therapy in patients with achalasia.
Academic Article Prospective randomized comparison of pneumatic dilatation technique in patients with idiopathic achalasia.
Academic Article Pneumatic dilatations for achalasia: a safe and effective choice for most patients.
Academic Article Regional esophageal dysfunction in scleroderma and achalasia using multichannel intraluminal impedance and manometry.
Academic Article Prospective randomized comparison of Brown-McHardy and microvasive balloon dilators in treatment of achalasia.
Academic Article Manometry and impedance characteristics of achalasia. Facts and myths.
Academic Article Classification of oesophageal motility abnormalities.
Academic Article Repetitive proximal esophageal contractions: a new manometric finding and a possible further link between Parkinson's disease and achalasia.
Academic Article Vigorous achalasia: original description requires minor change.
Academic Article Neural autoantibody profile of primary achalasia.
Academic Article The spectrum of esophageal motility disorders.
Academic Article Review article: an analysis of the efficacy, perforation rates and methods used in pneumatic dilation for achalasia.
Academic Article The evolution of achalasia.
Academic Article Acute airway obstruction in achalasia. Possible role of defective belch reflex.
Academic Article Motility: Achalasia subtyping directs therapy.
Academic Article Radiographic and manometric correlation in achalasia with apparent relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter.
Academic Article Esophageal radiography and manometry: correlation in 172 patients with dysphagia.
Academic Article Radiographic evaluation of esophagus immediately after pneumatic dilatation for achalasia.
Academic Article Achalasia and diffuse esophageal spasm.
Academic Article Surgical myotomy for nutcracker esophagus. To be or not to be?
Academic Article Gastric perforation during pneumatic dilation for achalasia.
Academic Article Calcium-channel blocking agents for gastrointestinal disorders.
Academic Article Esophageal motility disorders.
Academic Article Apparent complete lower esophageal sphincter relaxation in achalasia.
Academic Article Dysphagia in the elderly.
Academic Article Diagnosis of noncardiac chest pain in older patients.
Academic Article Physiology and pathophysiology of the lower esophageal sphincter.
Academic Article Prospective manometric evaluation with pharmacologic provocation of patients with suspected esophageal motility dysfunction.
Academic Article Clinical applications of esophageal manometry.
Academic Article Achalasia and Hodgkin's disease: a chance association?
Academic Article Abnormal proximal esophageal function in achalasia.
Academic Article Botulinum toxin for achalasia: to be or not to be?
Academic Article Dysphagia following fundoplication: "slipped" fundoplication versus achalasia complicated by fundoplication.
Academic Article High amplitude, peristaltic esophageal contractions associated with chest pain and/or dysphagia.
Academic Article Pneumatic dilation for achalasia--the way forward: authors' reply.
Academic Article In the diagnosis of achalasia, "classic" might be "atypical".
Academic Article Characterization of patients with low baseline impedance on multichannel intraluminal impedance-pH reflux testing.
Academic Article Motility disorders of the esophagus.
Academic Article The effect of terbutaline sulfate, nitroglycerin, and aminophylline on lower esophageal sphincter pressure and radionuclide esophageal emptying in patients with achalasia.
Academic Article Esophageal motility disorders.
Academic Article Chest pain of esophageal origin. Where are we, and where should we go?
Academic Article The lower esophageal sphincter. Physiologic and clinical aspects.
Academic Article Evaluation and management of diseases of the esophagus.
Academic Article Idiopathic achalasia: are there different types?
Academic Article Abnormal upper esophageal sphincter function in achalasia.
Academic Article Transnasal US of the esophagus: preliminary morphologic and function studies.
Concept Esophageal Achalasia
Academic Article Multiple good options are available for achalasia management.
Academic Article Achalasia: All Sticks in One Bundle!
Academic Article Pneumatic Dilation for Achalasia: Obliterate the Waist!
Academic Article Distal Esophageal Spasm: A Review.
Academic Article Plasma levels of TNF-a, IL-6, IFN-?, IL-12, IL-17, IL-22, and IL-23 in achalasia, eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
Academic Article Durability of pneumatic dilation monotherapy in treatment-naive achalasia patients.
Academic Article Development of quality indicators for the diagnosis and management of achalasia.
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