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Academic Article Ineffective esophageal motility (IEM): the primary finding in patients with nonspecific esophageal motility disorder.
Academic Article Esophageal manometry and modern medicine.
Academic Article Ineffective esophageal motility: the most common motility abnormality in patients with GERD-associated respiratory symptoms.
Academic Article Esophageal manometry prior to antireflux surgery: required, preferred, or even needed?
Academic Article Cerebral potentials evoked by oesophageal distension in patients with non-cardiac chest pain.
Academic Article Oesophageal motility defects associated with nocturnal gastro-oesophageal reflux on proton pump inhibitors.
Academic Article Are 10 wet swallows an appropriate sample of esophageal motility? Yes and no.
Academic Article Combined multichannel intraluminal impedance and manometry clarifies esophageal function abnormalities: study in 350 patients.
Academic Article Multichannel intraluminal impedance: general principles and technical issues.
Academic Article Disposable balloon-based oesophageal motility catheters: comparison with solid-state transducers.
Academic Article Diltiazem therapy for symptoms associated with nutcracker esophagus.
Academic Article Impedance manometry with viscous test solution increases detection of esophageal function defects compared to liquid swallows.
Academic Article Impedance detected abnormal bolus transit in patients with normal esophageal manometry. Sensitive indicator of esophageal functional abnormality?
Academic Article The effect of oral buspirone, pyridostigmine, and bethanechol on esophageal function evaluated with combined multichannel esophageal impedance-manometry in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Nonacid reflux episodes reaching the pharynx are important factors associated with cough.
Academic Article The spectrum of esophageal motility disorders.
Academic Article Swallow evaluation during multichannel intraluminal impedance and pH: an alternate method to assess esophageal transit.
Academic Article The evolution of achalasia.
Academic Article Esophageal chest pain: current controversies in pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy.
Academic Article Chest pain of esophageal origin.
Academic Article Effect of different swallow time intervals on the nutcracker esophagus.
Academic Article Surgical myotomy for nutcracker esophagus. To be or not to be?
Academic Article Esophageal motility disorders.
Academic Article Esophageal bougienage in symptomatic patients with the nutcracker esophagus. A primary esophageal motility disorder.
Academic Article Effects of oral calcium blocker, diltiazem, on esophageal contractions. Studies in volunteers and patients with nutcracker esophagus.
Academic Article Prolonged radionuclide transit in "nutcracker esophagus".
Academic Article Perspectives on esophageal manometry: "lumpers versus splitters".
Academic Article Chest pain of undetermined origin.
Academic Article The nutcracker and the ostrich.
Academic Article Esophageal function in systemic sclerosis: a prospective evaluation of motility and acid reflux in 36 patients.
Academic Article Gastrointestinal disorders in the elderly.
Academic Article Esophageal motility disorders and chest pain.
Academic Article Clarification of the esophageal function defect in patients with manometric ineffective esophageal motility: studies using combined impedance-manometry.
Academic Article Esophageal function testing: role of combined multichannel intraluminal impedance and manometry.
Academic Article Successful use of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors to control symptomatic esophageal hypercontractility: a case report.
Academic Article Clinical relevance of the nutcracker esophagus: suggested revision of criteria for diagnosis.
Academic Article Esophageal motility disorders (distal esophageal spasm, nutcracker esophagus, and hypertensive lower esophageal sphincter): modern management.
Academic Article Technology review: Esophageal impedance monitoring.
Academic Article Bethanechol improves smooth muscle function in patients with severe ineffective esophageal motility.
Academic Article Influence of bolus consistency and position on esophageal high-resolution manometry findings.
Academic Article Revised criterion for diagnosis of ineffective esophageal motility is associated with more frequent dysphagia and greater bolus transit abnormalities.
Academic Article An analysis of distal esophageal impedance in individuals with and without esophageal motility abnormalities.
Academic Article Edrophonium provocative test in noncardiac chest pain. Evaluation of testing techniques.
Academic Article High resolution manometry: a word of caution.
Academic Article Hypertensive lower esophageal sphincter: what does it mean?
Academic Article Characterization of patients with low baseline impedance on multichannel intraluminal impedance-pH reflux testing.
Academic Article Viscous impedance is an important indicator of abnormal esophageal motility.
Academic Article Esophageal motility disorders.
Academic Article The changing faces of the nutcracker esophagus.
Academic Article Radiologic and manometric correlation in "nutcracker esophagus".
Academic Article Oral nifedipine in the treatment of noncardiac chest pain in patients with the nutcracker esophagus.
Academic Article Esophageal motility disorders: the specter of the spectrum.
Academic Article Nifedipine: a potent inhibitor of contractions in the body of the human esophagus. Studies in healthy volunteers and patients with the nutcracker esophagus.
Academic Article Ambulatory esophageal manometry in the evaluation of unexplained chest pain.
Concept Esophageal Motility Disorders
Academic Article Diagnosis of Esophageal Motility Disorders: Esophageal Pressure Topography vs. Conventional Line Tracing.
Academic Article Characteristics of Consecutive Esophageal Motility Diagnoses After a Decade of Change.
Academic Article Minor Motility Defects? Perhaps, but What About a True "Functional" Assessment?
Academic Article Identification of Quality Measures for Performance of?and?Interpretation of Data From Esophageal Manometry.
Academic Article Utility of Esophagram versus High-Resolution Manometry in the Detection of Esophageal Dysmotility.
Academic Article Spectrum of esophageal motility disorders in patients with liver cirrhosis.
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