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Academic Article Molecular cloning and expression of rat kallistatin gene.
Academic Article In vivo catabolism of human kallikrein-binding protein and its complex with tissue kallikrein.
Academic Article Atrial natriuretic peptide gene delivery attenuates hypertension, cardiac hypertrophy, and renal injury in salt-sensitive rats.
Academic Article Differential regulation of kininogen gene expression by estrogen and progesterone in vivo.
Academic Article Kallikrein-binding protein is induced by growth hormone in the dwarf rat.
Academic Article Kininogen and kinin in experimental spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Molecular cloning and analysis of the rat kallikrein-binding protein gene.
Academic Article Identification, purification, and localization of tissue kallikrein in rat heart.
Academic Article Molecular cloning and primary structure of rat alpha 1-antitrypsin.
Academic Article Sex dimorphism and inflammatory regulation of T-kininogen and T-kininogenase.
Academic Article Renal kallikrein mRNA localization by in situ hybridization.
Academic Article Immunocytochemical localization of a kallikrein-like serine protease (esterase A) in rat salivary glands.
Academic Article Identification and characterization of a tissue kallikrein in rat skeletal muscles.
Academic Article Comparison of the distribution of tissue kallikrein and esterase A, a kallikrein-like enzyme, in rat kidney using specific monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article High-salt diet upregulates kininogen and downregulates tissue kallikrein expression in Dahl-SS and SHR rats.
Academic Article Kallistatin is a potent new vasodilator.
Academic Article Purification and characterization of a kallikrein-like T-kininogenase.
Academic Article Structural analysis of a rat renal kallikrein gene.
Academic Article Sex dimorphism and estrogen regulation of kininogens in rat serum, adrenal gland and kidney.
Academic Article Molecular cloning and characterization of two rat renal kallikrein genes.
Academic Article Rat urinary kallikrein localization in kidney: effects of fixation.
Academic Article Biochemical characterization and substrate specificity of rat prostate kallikrein (S3): comparison with tissue kallikrein, tonin and T-kininogenase.
Academic Article Effects of diabetes and insulin on expression of kallikrein and renin genes in the kidney.
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