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Academic Article CSF opioids in panic disorder.
Academic Article Prescription opioid aberrant behaviors: a pilot study of sex differences.
Academic Article Gender and prescription opioids: findings from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.
Academic Article Characteristics and correlates of men and women with prescription opioid dependence.
Academic Article Pilot of a brief, web-based educational intervention targeting safe storage and disposal of prescription opioids.
Academic Article Comparative profiles of men and women with opioid dependence: results from a national multisite effectiveness trial.
Concept Analgesics, Opioid
Academic Article Pain management perceptions among prescription opioid dependent individuals.
Academic Article Ovarian hormones and drug abuse.
Academic Article Dental opioid prescribing practices and risk mitigation strategy implementation: Identification of potential targets for provider-level intervention.
Academic Article Dental opioid prescribing and multiple opioid prescriptions among dental patients: Administrative data from the South Carolina prescription drug monitoring program.
Academic Article Treatment of Prescription Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnant Women.
Academic Article Targeting practitioners: A review of guidelines, training, and policy in pain management.
Academic Article Opioid prescribing and risk mitigation implementation in the management of acute?pain: Results from The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network.
Academic Article Training experiences regarding pain management, addiction, and drug diversion of dentists enrolled in the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network.
Academic Article Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Use: National Dental PBRN Results.
Academic Article Prescription Drug Abuse Among Patients in Rural Dental Practices Reported by Members of the National Dental PBRN.
Academic Article Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnant Women via Telemedicine: A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Non-invasive brain stimulation as a tool to decrease chronic pain in current opiate users: A parametric evaluation of two promising cortical targets.
Academic Article Laboratory-induced stress and craving predict opioid use during follow-up among individuals with prescription opioid use disorder.
Academic Article Optimizing Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder.
Academic Article The impact of lofexidine on stress-related opioid craving and relapse: Design and methodology of a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Disparities in years of potential life lost to Drug-involved overdose deaths in South Carolina.
Academic Article Automatically identifying opioid use disorder in non-cancer patients on chronic opioid therapy.
Academic Article Inpatient Low-dose Transitions From Full Agonist Opioids Including Methadone Onto Long-acting Depot Buprenorphine: Case Series From a Multicenter Clinical Trial.
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