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Academic Article Effect of oxytocin on craving and stress response in marijuana-dependent individuals: a pilot study.
Concept Oxytocin
Academic Article Effects of adverse childhood experiences on the association between intranasal oxytocin and social stress reactivity among individuals with cocaine dependence.
Academic Article Biologic effects of stress and bonding in mother-infant pairs.
Academic Article Effects of oxytocin on cortisol reactivity and conflict resolution behaviors among couples with substance misuse.
Academic Article Effects of oxytocin on working memory and executive control system connectivity in posttraumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article Intimate partner violence moderates the association between oxytocin and reactivity to dyadic conflict among couples.
Academic Article Effects of oxytocin on stress reactivity and craving in veterans with co-occurring PTSD and alcohol use disorder.
Academic Article Effects of Oxytocin on Emotional and Physiological Responses to Conflict in Couples with Substance Misuse.
Academic Article Impact of Oxytocin on the neural correlates of fearful face processing in PTSD related to childhood Trauma.
Academic Article Oxytocin-Induced Changes in Intrinsic Network Connectivity in Cocaine Use Disorder: Modulation by Gender, Childhood Trauma, and Years of Use.
Academic Article The moderating role of infidelity on the relation between oxytocin and conflict behaviors among substance misusing couples.
Academic Article Neural correlates of oxytocin and cue reactivity in cocaine-dependent men and women with and without childhood trauma.
Academic Article The effect of oxytocin, gender, and ovarian hormones on stress reactivity in individuals with cocaine use disorder.
Academic Article Enhancing prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD among veterans with oxytocin: Design of a multisite randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Oxytocin, PTSD, and sexual abuse are associated with attention network intrinsic functional connectivity.
Academic Article Effects of intranasal oxytocin on threat- and reward-related functional connectivity in men and women with and without childhood abuse-related PTSD.
Academic Article Oxytocin moderates corticolimbic social stress reactivity in cocaine use disorder and healthy controls.
Academic Article COPE and oxytocin for the treatment of co-occurring PTSD and alcohol use disorder: Design and methodology of a randomized controlled trial in U.S. military veterans.
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