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Academic Article Modulation of human glutamate transporter activity by phorbol ester.
Academic Article Effects of daunomycin implants on filtering surgery outcomes in rabbits.
Academic Article Ocular hypotensive activity of the adenosine agonist (R)-phenylisopropyladenosine in rabbits.
Academic Article Contributions of adenosine receptor activation to the ocular actions of epinephrine.
Academic Article Interaction of pilocarpine with latanoprost in patients with glaucoma and ocular hypertension.
Academic Article Ocular effects associated with the chronic administration of the adenosine A(1) agonist cyclohexyladenosine.
Academic Article Unbalanced expression of VEGF and PEDF in ischemia-induced retinal neovascularization.
Academic Article Activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase in trabecular meshwork cells.
Academic Article Intraocular pressure responses to the adenosine agonist cyclohexyladenosine: evidence for a dual mechanism of action.
Academic Article Down-regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor and up-regulation of pigment epithelium-derived factor: a possible mechanism for the anti-angiogenic activity of plasminogen kringle 5.
Academic Article Adenosine A1 receptor modulation of MMP-2 secretion by trabecular meshwork cells.
Academic Article Evidence for multiple P2Y receptors in trabecular meshwork cells.
Academic Article Ocular effects of apraclonidine in Horner syndrome.
Academic Article Hsp27 upregulation by HIF-1 signaling offers protection against retinal ischemia in rats.
Academic Article Modulation of conventional outflow facility by the adenosine A1 agonist N6-cyclohexyladenosine.
Academic Article Effects of latanoprost on rodent intraocular pressure.
Academic Article The rat Apg3p/Aut1p homolog is upregulated by ischemic preconditioning in the retina.
Academic Article S-nitrosoglutathione prevents interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein (IRBP(161-180))-induced experimental autoimmune uveitis.
Academic Article The learning curve for sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer: practical considerations.
Academic Article Cabergoline: Pharmacology, ocular hypotensive studies in multiple species, and aqueous humor dynamic modulation in the Cynomolgus monkey eyes.
Academic Article Synthesis, pharmacokinetics, efficacy, and rat retinal toxicity of a novel mitomycin C-triamcinolone acetonide conjugate.
Academic Article Expression of the kallikrein/kinin system in human anterior segment.
Academic Article Influence of race and age on aqueous humor levels of transforming growth factor-beta 2 in glaucomatous and nonglaucomatous eyes.
Academic Article Difference in ischemic regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor and pigment epithelium--derived factor in brown norway and sprague dawley rats contributing to different susceptibilities to retinal neovascularization.
Academic Article Preservation of retina ganglion cell function by morphine in a chronic ocular-hypertensive rat model.
Academic Article Bradykinin enhancement of PGE2 signalling in bovine trabecular meshwork cells.
Academic Article Retinal preconditioning and the induction of heat-shock protein 27.
Academic Article Inhibition of HDAC2 protects the retina from ischemic injury.
Academic Article Intraocular adenosine levels in normal and ocular-hypertensive patients.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy with verteporfin in a rabbit model of corneal neovascularization.
Academic Article Ocular effects of a N,N-disubstituted 5-OH aminotetralin (N-0437): evidence for a dual mechanism of action.
Academic Article The effect of phorbol esters on the chloride secreting epithelium of the rabbit cornea.
Academic Article Transport processes across the rabbit corneal epithelium: a review.
Academic Article Epithelial wound closure in the rabbit cornea. A biphasic process.
Academic Article Dopamine modulation of active ion transport in rabbit corneal epithelium.
Academic Article Residual cleaner after normal cleaning of laser in situ keratomileusis instruments.
Academic Article Glucose transport across isolated bovine pigment epithelium.
Academic Article Use of beta-methylphenylalanine (beta MeF) residues to probe the nature of the interaction of substance P with its receptor: effects of beta MeF-containing substance P analogs on rabbit iris smooth muscle contraction.
Academic Article Pharmacological evidence for heterogeneity of ocular alpha 2 adrenoceptors.
Academic Article Functional evidence for retinal adenosine receptors.
Academic Article Ocular pharmacokinetics of lens epithelial cell-specific immunotoxin 4197X-RA.
Academic Article Response to prejunctional adenosine receptors is dependent on stimulus frequency.
Academic Article Outflow resistance of the Baerveldt glaucoma drainage implant and modifications for early postoperative intraocular pressure control.
Academic Article Heat shock protein 27 delays Ca2+-induced cell death in a caspase-dependent and -independent manner in rat retinal ganglion cells.
Academic Article Prejunctional adrenoceptor activity of N-0437: a relatively selective DA2 dopamine receptor agonist.
Academic Article Review: alpha 2 and DA2 agonists as antiglaucoma agents: comparative pharmacology and clinical potential.
Academic Article Acute effects of PGF2alpha on MMP-2 secretion from human ciliary muscle cells: a PKC- and ERK-dependent process.
Academic Article Effect of the calcium antagonist, nifedipine, on ischemic retinal dysfunction.
Academic Article Mechanisms linking adenosine A1 receptors and extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 activation in human trabecular meshwork cells.
Academic Article Kinin modulation of conventional outflow facility in the bovine eye.
Academic Article Functional evidence for heterogeneity of ocular alpha 2-adrenoceptors.
Academic Article VEGF modulation of retinal pigment epithelium resistance.
Academic Article Role of PKCepsilon in PGF2alpha-stimulated MMP-2 secretion from human ciliary muscle cells.
Academic Article Opioid receptor-activation: retina protected from ischemic injury.
Academic Article Pigment epithelium-derived factor maintains retinal pigment epithelium function by inhibiting vascular endothelial growth factor-R2 signaling through gamma-secretase.
Academic Article Novel class of LIM-kinase 2 inhibitors for the treatment of ocular hypertension and associated glaucoma.
Academic Article Inhibition of histone deacetylase protects the retina from ischemic injury.
Academic Article Bradykinin activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinases in human trabecular meshwork cells.
Academic Article Human retinal pigment epithelium cells as functional models for the RPE in vivo.
Academic Article C-type natriuretic peptide protects the retinal pigment epithelium against advanced glycation end product-induced barrier dysfunction.
Academic Article Can UK-14, 304-18 lower IOP in rabbits by a peripheral mechanism?
Academic Article Essential roles of grp94 in gut homeostasis via chaperoning canonical Wnt pathway.
Academic Article Alteration of corneal epithelial ion transport by sympathectomy.
Academic Article Induction of keratouveitis by capsaicin.
Academic Article Adenosine receptor activation modulates intraocular pressure in rabbits.
Academic Article Modulation of intraocular pressure by adenosine agonists.
Academic Article Beta-cyclodextrins enhance bioavailability of pilocarpine.
Academic Article Characterization of ocular hypertension induced by adenosine agonists.
Academic Article Effects of adenosine agonists on intraocular pressure and aqueous humor dynamics in cynomolgus monkeys.
Concept Retinal Artery Occlusion
Concept Microscopy, Electron, Scanning
Concept Plasminogen
Concept Cytokines
Concept Angiogenesis Inhibitors
Concept Pilocarpine
Concept Muscle, Smooth, Vascular
Concept Blotting, Southern
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A
Concept Insulin
Concept Epithelial Cells
Concept Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Concept Age Factors
Concept Neutrophils
Concept RNA
Concept DNA Methylation
Concept Anesthesia
Concept Phenethylamines
Concept Hyperglycemia
Concept Apoptosis
Concept Indomethacin
Concept Stainless Steel
Concept Protein Transport
Concept Narcotics
Concept Anti-Bacterial Agents
Concept Phorbols
Concept Muscle Contraction
Concept Medetomidine
Concept Motor Activity
Concept Photochemotherapy
Concept RNA, Small Interfering
Concept Kallikrein-Kinin System
Concept Timolol
Concept Morphine
Concept Adrenergic alpha-Agonists
Concept Sus scrofa
Concept Ricin
Concept Horner Syndrome
Concept Brain
Concept Flow Cytometry
Concept Aged, 80 and over
Concept Glutamic Acid
Concept Stereoisomerism
Concept Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases
Concept Amino Acid Transport System X-AG
Concept Optic Disk
Concept Macaca fascicularis
Concept Quinazolines
Concept Cell Division
Concept Dopamine Agents
Concept Dinoprost
Concept Actins
Concept Receptors, Dopamine
Concept Matrix Metalloproteinase 1
Concept Receptor, Serotonin, 5-HT1B
Concept Membrane Potentials
Concept Receptors, Adrenergic
Concept Cats
Concept Isoproterenol
Concept Imidazoles
Concept DNA, Complementary
Concept Fluorescent Antibody Technique
Concept Microscopy, Electron, Transmission
Concept Narcotic Antagonists
Concept Biological Availability
Concept Ceramides
Concept Naloxone
Concept Sensitivity and Specificity
Concept Pupil
Concept Indoles
Concept Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinases
Concept Serotonin
Concept Tretinoin
Concept Cyclodextrins
Concept Rats, Inbred Lew
Concept Cricetinae
Concept Alkaloids
Concept Administration, Oral
Concept Transcription Initiation Site
Concept Endoplasmic Reticulum
Concept Blotting, Northern
Concept Chlorides
Concept Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 1
Concept Disease Susceptibility
Concept Aged
Concept Homeostasis
Concept Adrenergic Agonists
Concept Electrophysiology
Concept Theobromine
Concept Protein Biosynthesis
Concept Amino Acid Sequence
Concept Prostaglandins F, Synthetic
Concept Mice, Knockout
Concept Vasodilator Agents
Concept Cohort Studies
Concept Quinolines
Concept Natriuretic Peptide, Brain
Concept Iris
Concept Cebus
Concept Calcium
Concept Tetrahydronaphthalenes
Concept Precipitin Tests
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta2
Concept Water
Concept Inosine
Concept Photosensitizing Agents
Concept CHO Cells
Concept Mitomycin
Concept Blotting, Western
Concept Analgesics, Opioid
Concept 3T3 Cells
Concept Yohimbine
Concept Bradykinin
Concept Lipopolysaccharides
Concept Neuroprotective Agents
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-2
Concept Cricetulus
Concept Rats, Inbred BN
Concept Indicators and Reagents
Concept Acetyltransferases
Concept Aminobutyrates
Concept Biopsy
Concept Lymphokines
Concept Up-Regulation
Concept Kinins
Concept Caspase 3
Concept Macular Edema
Concept Lim Kinases
Concept Immunoprecipitation
Concept Carcinogens
Concept Mice
Concept Retinaldehyde
Concept Macular Degeneration
Concept Conjunctiva
Concept Glaucoma, Open-Angle
Concept Cell Line, Transformed
Concept Valproic Acid
Concept Aqueous Humor
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors
Concept Kringles
Concept Chemokines, CC
Concept Phenylisopropyladenosine
Concept Kinetics
Concept Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1
Concept Biological Transport, Active
Concept Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 3
Concept Pyrroles
Concept Immunotoxins
Concept Antihypertensive Agents
Concept Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha
Concept Dinoprostone
Concept Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid
Concept Serum Albumin
Concept Matrix Metalloproteinase 9
Concept Aspartic Acid
Concept Eye
Concept Rats, Long-Evans
Concept Matrix Metalloproteinase 2
Concept Mice, Inbred C57BL
Concept Lysine
Concept Cyclic GMP
Concept Enzyme Activation
Concept Chlorine
Concept Phorbol Esters
Concept T-Lymphocytes
Concept Administration, Topical
Concept Biomechanical Phenomena
Concept Decision Support Techniques
Concept Tetradecanoylphorbol Acetate
Concept Cobalt
Concept Quality of Life
Concept Adenosine
Concept Drug Synergism
Concept Receptor, Adenosine A1
Concept Signal Transduction
Concept RNA, Messenger
Concept Survival Rate
Concept MAP Kinase Signaling System
Concept Humans
Concept Autoimmune Diseases
Concept Down-Regulation
Concept Hot Temperature
Concept Cattle
Concept Phloretin
Concept Benzophenanthridines
Concept Triamcinolone Acetonide
Concept S-Nitrosoglutathione
Concept Biological Transport
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-sis
Concept Rabbits
Concept Kallikreins
Concept Molecular Probes
Concept N-Methyl-3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine
Concept Adrenergic alpha-Antagonists
Concept Glucose Tolerance Test
Concept Electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide Gel
Concept Cell Death
Concept Active Transport, Cell Nucleus
Concept Substance P
Concept Caspases
Concept Receptors, Adrenergic, alpha
Concept Postoperative Period
Concept Ion Transport
Concept Adenosine-5'-(N-ethylcarboxamide)
Concept Fluorophotometry
Concept Sympathectomy
Concept Bis(4-Methyl-1-Homopiperazinylthiocarbonyl)disulfide
Concept beta-Cyclodextrins
Concept Kainic Acid
Concept ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters
Concept Norepinephrine
Concept Analysis of Variance
Concept Quinoxalines
Concept Spectrometry, Mass, Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption-Ionization
Concept Nerve Growth Factors
Concept Benzophenones
Concept Naphthalenes
Concept Endosomes
Concept Retinoblastoma
Concept Electroretinography
Concept Muscarinic Agonists
Concept Dipeptides
Concept Glutamates
Concept Ergolines
Concept Keratomileusis, Laser In Situ
Concept Matrix Metalloproteinase 3
Concept Acetylation
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 3
Concept Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzymes
Concept Porphyrins
Concept Endothelial Growth Factors
Concept Bromodeoxyuridine
Concept Case-Control Studies
Concept Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Concept Glucose Intolerance
Concept Tight Junctions
Concept Extracellular Signal-Regulated MAP Kinases
Concept Endothelin-1
Concept Prospective Studies
Concept Butadienes
Concept Intraocular Pressure
Concept Hyaluronic Acid
Concept Retinol-Binding Proteins
Concept Rats
Concept African Americans
Concept Optic Nerve
Concept Receptors, Dopamine D1
Concept Cell Membrane Permeability
Concept Blood-Retinal Barrier
Concept Phlorhizin
Concept Rats, Wistar
Concept Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide
Concept Aspartic Acid Endopeptidases
Concept Middle Aged
Concept Clonidine
Concept Rats, Sprague-Dawley
Concept Drug Residues
Concept Ciliary Body
Concept Epinephrine
Concept Theophylline
Concept Swine
Concept Nitric Oxide Donors
Concept Capsaicin
Concept Histones
Concept Domperidone
Concept Structure-Activity Relationship
Concept Islets of Langerhans Transplantation
Concept Islets of Langerhans
Concept Ganglionectomy
Concept Cytosol
Concept Daunorubicin
Concept Benzazepines
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental
Concept Butaclamol
Concept Staurosporine
Concept Metalloendopeptidases
Concept Fluorescent Antibody Technique, Indirect
Concept Enkephalins
Concept Cyclic AMP
Concept Base Sequence
Concept Follow-Up Studies
Concept Amyloid beta-Peptides
Concept Immunohistochemistry
Concept Peptide Synthases
Concept Receptors, Adrenergic, alpha-2
Concept Natriuretic Peptide, C-Type
Concept Molecular Sequence Data
Concept Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1, alpha Subunit
Concept Antibiotics, Antineoplastic
Concept Immunoblotting
Concept Bromobenzenes
Concept Chemokine CXCL12
Concept Cell Count
Concept Atrial Natriuretic Factor
Concept Phosphorylation
Concept Glucose
Concept Matrix Metalloproteinases
Academic Article Enkephalin contributes to the locomotor stimulating effects of 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine.
Academic Article Pigment epithelium-derived factor decreases outflow facility.
Academic Article FR-190997, a nonpeptide bradykinin B2-receptor partial agonist, is a potent and efficacious intraocular pressure lowering agent in ocular hypertensive cynomolgus monkeys.
Academic Article Acetylation: a lysine modification with neuroprotective effects in ischemic retinal degeneration.
Academic Article Acetylation preserves retinal ganglion cell structure and function in a chronic model of ocular hypertension.
Academic Article Ischemic preconditioning, retinal neuroprotection and histone deacetylase activities.
Academic Article Lack of Acid Sphingomyelinase Induces Age-Related Retinal Degeneration.
Academic Article Receptor mediated disruption of retinal pigment epithelium function in acute glycated-albumin exposure.
Academic Article Progressive Early Breakdown of Retinal Pigment Epithelium Function in Hyperglycemic Rats.
Academic Article Suppression of Acid Sphingomyelinase Protects the Retina from Ischemic Injury.
Academic Article Histone Deacetylase Inhibition Restores Retinal Pigment Epithelium Function in Hyperglycemia.
Academic Article Islet Harvest in Carbon Monoxide-Saturated Medium for Chronic Pancreatitis Patients Undergoing Islet Autotransplantation.
Concept Proteolysis
Concept Wnt Signaling Pathway
Concept Intravitreal Injections
Concept Receptors, Purinergic P2Y1
Concept Purinergic P1 Receptor Agonists
Concept Adenosine A1 Receptor Agonists
Concept Purinergic P1 Receptor Antagonists
Concept Adenosine A1 Receptor Antagonists
Concept Bradykinin B2 Receptor Antagonists
Concept Corneal Injuries
Concept In Vitro Techniques
Concept Bevacizumab
Concept Brimonidine Tartrate
Concept 2-Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin
Concept Endothelin-Converting Enzymes
Concept HEK293 Cells
Academic Article Evidence for ceramide induced cytotoxicity in retinal ganglion cells.
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