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overview Our group is studying the mechanisms responsible for, as well as possible therapeutic approaches to preventing and/or treating, various blinding diseases, particularly retina degenerations and AMD.
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Academic Article Rpe65 is necessary for production of 11-cis-vitamin A in the retinal visual cycle.
Academic Article Etoposide as a virocidal anticytomegalovirus therapy: intravitreal toxicology and pharmacology in rabbits.
Academic Article Human uveal melanoma expresses NG2 immunoreactivity.
Academic Article Isorhodopsin rather than rhodopsin mediates rod function in RPE65 knock-out mice.
Academic Article Regulation of the visual cycle: retinol dehydrogenase and retinol fluorescence measurements in vertebrate retina.
Academic Article 9-cis Retinal increased in retina of RPE65 knockout mice with decrease in coat pigmentation.
Academic Article Rod and cone pigment regeneration in RPE65-/- mice.
Academic Article Differences in the pharmacological activation of visual opsins.
Academic Article Cone outer segment morphology and cone function in the Rpe65-/- Nrl-/- mouse retina are amenable to retinoid replacement.
Academic Article Palmitoylation stabilizes unliganded rod opsin.
Academic Article Age-related deterioration of rod vision in mice.
Academic Article Retinol dehydrogenases (RDHs) in the visual cycle.
Academic Article Probing human red cone opsin activity with retinal analogues.
Academic Article The mammalian cone visual cycle promotes rapid M/L-cone pigment regeneration independently of the interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein.
Academic Article Lipofuscin and N-retinylidene-N-retinylethanolamine (A2E) accumulate in retinal pigment epithelium in absence of light exposure: their origin is 11-cis-retinal.
Academic Article New insights into retinoid metabolism and cycling within the retina.
Academic Article Noncovalent occupancy of the retinal-binding pocket of opsin diminishes bleaching adaptation of retinal cones.
Academic Article Physiological activity of retinoids in natural and artificial visual pigments.
Academic Article Molecular cloning of a rhodopsin gene from salamander rods.
Academic Article Collagen XVIII/endostatin is essential for vision and retinal pigment epithelial function.
Academic Article Does constitutive phosphorylation protect against photoreceptor degeneration in Rpe65-/- mice?
Academic Article Identification of RDH10, an All-trans Retinol Dehydrogenase, in Retinal Muller Cells.
Academic Article Enhanced shutoff of phototransduction in transgenic mice expressing palmitoylation-deficient rhodopsin.
Academic Article Breaking the covalent bond--a pigment property that contributes to desensitization in cones.
Academic Article Opsin activation of transduction in the rods of dark-reared Rpe65 knockout mice.
Academic Article Vascular endothelial growth factor expression in the retinal pigment epithelium is essential for choriocapillaris development and visual function.
Academic Article Deletion of GRK1 causes retina degeneration through a transducin-independent mechanism.
Academic Article Photosensitive pigments formed with rat opsin.
Academic Article Canine retinal superoxide dismutase: identity with the erythrocyte enzyme.
Academic Article Incorporation of 11,12-dihydroretinal into the retinae of vitamin a deprived rats.
Academic Article The effect of retinal isomers on the VER and ERG of vitamin A deprived rats.
Academic Article Expression and cellular localization of the kallikrein-kinin system in human ocular tissues.
Academic Article Application of a submicroliter spectrophotometer in visual pigment studies.
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Academic Article High resolution MALDI imaging mass spectrometry of retinal tissue lipids.
Academic Article Imaging mass spectrometry of the visual system: Advancing the molecular understanding of retina degenerations.
Academic Article Sustained delivery of retinoids to prevent photoreceptor death.
Academic Article The 11-cis Retinal Origins of Lipofuscin in the Retina.
Academic Article Bis(monoacylglycero)phosphate lipids in the retinal pigment epithelium implicate lysosomal/endosomal dysfunction in a model of Stargardt disease and human retinas.
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