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Academic Article Guest editorial: accessible and affordable hearing health care for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss.
Academic Article Speech recognition performance at loudness discomfort level.
Academic Article Factors affecting the benefits of high-frequency amplification.
Academic Article Spatial benefit of bilateral hearing AIDS.
Academic Article Effects of consonant-vowel intensity ratio on loudness of monosyllabic words.
Concept Hearing Aids
Academic Article Spatial separation benefit for unaided and aided listening.
Academic Article Syllable-constituent perception by hearing-aid users: Common factors in quiet and noise.
Academic Article Factors associated with benefit of active middle ear implants compared to conventional hearing aids.
Academic Article Communication and Healthcare: Self-Reports of People with Hearing Loss in Primary Care Settings.
Academic Article Earphone and Aided Word Recognition Differences in Cochlear Implant Candidates.
Academic Article Time From Hearing Aid Candidacy to Hearing Aid Adoption: A Longitudinal Cohort Study.
Academic Article Sentence perception in noise by hearing-aid users predicted by syllable-constituent perception and the use of context.
Academic Article Assessment of Hearing Aid Benefit Using Patient-Reported Outcomes and Audiologic Measures.
Academic Article A Comparison of the Perceived Hearing Difficulties of Community and Clinical Samples of Older Adults.
Academic Article Patient-Related Factors Do Not Predict Use of Computer-Based Auditory Training by New Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients.
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