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Concept Quality of Life
Concept Quality-Adjusted Life Years
Academic Article Higher Health Care Costs in Middle-aged US Adults With Hearing Loss.
Academic Article Health-related quality of life in older adults: Effects of hearing loss and common chronic conditions.
Academic Article Meta-analysis of quality-of-life improvement after cochlear implantation and associations with speech recognition abilities.
Academic Article Use of Adult Patient Focus Groups to Develop the Initial Item Bank for a Cochlear Implant Quality-of-Life Instrument.
Academic Article Meta-analysis of Cochlear Implantation Outcomes Evaluated With General Health-related Patient-reported Outcome Measures.
Academic Article Development of the Cochlear Implant Quality of Life Item Bank.
Academic Article Association of Demographic and Hearing-Related Factors With Cochlear Implant-Related Quality of Life.
Academic Article General Health Quality of Life Instruments Underestimate the Impact of Bilateral Cochlear Implantation.
Academic Article Cochlear Implant Quality of Life (CIQOL): Development of a Profile Instrument (CIQOL-35 Profile) and a Global Measure (CIQOL-10 Global).
Academic Article Development of New Cochlear Implant Quality of Life Instruments for Adults.
Academic Article Role of Preoperative Patient Expectations in Adult Cochlear Implant Outcomes.
Academic Article Validity and reliability of the Cochlear Implant Quality of Life (CIQOL)-35 Profile and CIQOL-10 Global instruments in comparison to legacy instruments.
Academic Article Best Practices in the Development, Translation, and Cultural Adaptation of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Adults With Hearing Impairment: Lessons From the Cochlear Implant Quality of Life Instruments.
Academic Article Use of Auditory Training and Its Influence on Early Cochlear Implant Outcomes in Adults.
Academic Article Unsupervised Clustering of Olfactory Phenotypes.
Academic Article Normative Cochlear Implant Quality of Life (CIQOL)-35 Profile and CIQOL-10 Global Scores for Experienced Cochlear Implant Users from a Multi-Institutional Study.
Academic Article Understanding Patient Expectations Before Implantation Using the Cochlear Implant Quality of Life-Expectations Instrument.
Academic Article Development and Implementation of the Cochlear Implant Quality of Life (CIQOL) Functional Staging System.
Academic Article Estimated Monetary Value of Future Research Clarifying Uncertainties Around the Optimal Adult Hearing Screening Schedule.
Academic Article Sex-Linked Biology and Gender-Related Research Is Essential to Advancing Hearing Health.
Academic Article Patient-Related Factors Do Not Predict Use of Computer-Based Auditory Training by New Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients.
Academic Article Model-Projected Cost-Effectiveness of Adult Hearing Screening in the USA.
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