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Academic Article Estimating parameters for psychometric functions using the four-point sampling method.
Academic Article Auditory brainstem responses in younger and older adults for broadband noises separated by a silent gap.
Academic Article Psychometric functions for gap detection in noise measured from young and aged subjects.
Academic Article Age-related differences in the temporal modulation transfer function with pure-tone carriers.
Academic Article Spectral contributions to the benefit from spatial separation of speech and noise.
Academic Article Auditory brain stem evoked response characteristics in the full-term newborn infant.
Academic Article Electrophysiologic correlates of intensity discrimination in cortical evoked potentials of younger and older adults.
Academic Article Frequency modulation detection: effects of age, psychophysical method, and modulation waveform.
Academic Article Age-related differences in gap detection: effects of task difficulty and cognitive ability.
Academic Article Level-dependent changes in detection of temporal gaps in noise markers by adults with normal and impaired hearing.
Academic Article Human evoked cortical activity to silent gaps in noise: effects of age, attention, and cortical processing speed.
Academic Article Pupil size varies with word listening and response selection difficulty in older adults with hearing loss.
Academic Article Age and measurement time-of-day effects on speech recognition in noise.
Academic Article Auditory brain stem evoked response characteristics in developing infants.
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Concept Time Perception
Academic Article Speech-perception training for older adults with hearing loss impacts word recognition and effort.
Academic Article Effects of inherent envelope fluctuations in forward maskers for listeners with normal and impaired hearing.
Academic Article Sentence intelligibility during segmental interruption and masking by speech-modulated noise: Effects of age and hearing loss.
Academic Article Tinnitus: Research supported by the Tinnitus Research Consortium.
Academic Article Inherent envelope fluctuations in forward maskers: Effects of masker-probe delay for listeners with normal and impaired hearing.
Academic Article Age-related deficits in auditory temporal processing: unique contributions of neural dyssynchrony and slowed neuronal processing.
Academic Article Simultaneous and forward masking of vowels and stop consonants: Effects of age, hearing loss, and spectral shaping.
Academic Article Time From Hearing Aid Candidacy to Hearing Aid Adoption: A Longitudinal Cohort Study.
Academic Article Factors Influencing Time to Cochlear Implantation.
Academic Article Association of Patient-Related Factors With Adult Cochlear Implant Speech Recognition Outcomes: A Meta-analysis.
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