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Academic Article Neurohumoral and metabolic effects of short-term dietary NaCl restriction in men. Relationship to salt-sensitivity status.
Academic Article Angiotensin receptor blocker/diuretic combination preserves insulin responses in obese hypertensives.
Academic Article Demographic differences in the treatment and control of glucose in type 2 diabetic patients: implications for health care practice.
Academic Article Acute hyperlipidemia increases oxidative stress more in African Americans than in white Americans.
Academic Article Glucose metabolism in abdominally obese hypertensive and normotensive subjects.
Academic Article Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance in the TROPHY sub-study: contrasting views in patients with high-normal blood pressure.
Academic Article Comparative effects of overweight on cardiovascular risk in younger versus older men.
Academic Article Platelet and white blood cell counts are elevated in patients with the metabolic syndrome.
Academic Article Renal sympathetic denervation: a novel intervention for resistant hypertension, insulin resistance, and sleep apnea.
Academic Article Does response of RAS blockade on serum K+ levels influence its glycemic-mitigating response when combined with hydrochlorothiazide?
Concept Blood Glucose
Academic Article The impact of metabolic syndrome on metabolic, pro-inflammatory and prothrombotic markers according to the presence of high blood pressure criterion.
Academic Article The prevalence of concurrently raised blood glucose and blood pressure in India.
Academic Article Sociodemographic Determinants of Life's Simple 7: Implications for Achieving Cardiovascular Health and Health Equity Goals.
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