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Academic Article Hemodynamic effects of lipids in humans.
Academic Article Increasing plasma fatty acids elevates F2-isoprostanes in humans: implications for the cardiovascular risk factor cluster.
Academic Article NaCl induces differential changes of regional vascular reactivity in salt-sensitive versus salt-resistant men.
Academic Article Reproducibility of BP responses to changes in dietary salt: compelling evidence for universal sodium restriction?
Academic Article Salt loads raise plasma fatty acids and lower insulin.
Academic Article Sustained saline-induced secretion of atrial natriuretic hormone is not maintained by atrial stretch.
Academic Article Compensatory hyperinsulinemia and the forearm vasodilator response during an oral glucose-tolerance test in obese hypertensives.
Academic Article Sodium intake and mortality: the debate continues.
Academic Article Low-Sodium DASH reduces oxidative stress and improves vascular function in salt-sensitive humans.
Academic Article Pleiotropic benefits of moderate salt reduction.
Academic Article Nutritional and lifestyle approaches to the prevention and management of hypertension.
Academic Article Blood pressure and metabolic responses to moderate sodium restriction in isradipine-treated hypertensive patients.
Concept Sodium Chloride
Concept Sodium Chloride, Dietary
Concept Sodium Chloride Symporter Inhibitors
Academic Article Self-Reported Antihypertensive Medication Class and Temporal Relationship to Treatment Guidelines.
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