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Academic Article A cross-study comparison of gene expression studies for the molecular classification of lung cancer.
Academic Article Resistance of cancers to immunologic cytotoxicity and adoptive immunotherapy via X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein expression and coexisting defects in mitochondrial death signaling.
Academic Article A prostate-specific antigen-activated channel-forming toxin as therapy for prostatic disease.
Academic Article Phase II study of imatinib mesylate in patients with prostate cancer with evidence of biochemical relapse after definitive radical retropubic prostatectomy or radiotherapy.
Academic Article Prostate-specific antigen and pain surrogacy analysis in metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer.
Academic Article The expression ratio of Map7/B2M is prognostic for survival in patients with stage II colon cancer.
Academic Article Mucinous cancers have fewer genomic alterations than more common classes of breast cancer.
Academic Article Molecular classification of lung cancer: a cross-platform comparison of gene expression data sets.
Academic Article A simple two-gene prognostic model for adenocarcinoma of the lung.
Academic Article Fixed-dose capecitabine is feasible: results from a pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic study in metastatic breast cancer.
Concept Adenocarcinoma
Concept Adenocarcinoma, Mucinous
Academic Article SPECT analysis of cardiac perfusion changes after whole-breast/chest wall radiation therapy with or without active breathing coordinator: results of a randomized phase 3 trial.
Academic Article Phase 2 trial of induction gemcitabine, oxaliplatin, and cetuximab followed by selective capecitabine-based chemoradiation in patients with borderline resectable or unresectable locally advanced pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations are exceptionally rare in thyroid transcription factor (TTF-1)-negative adenocarcinomas of the lung.
Academic Article Cervical esophageal cancer: a population-based study.
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