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overview Kevin M. Gray, M.D., is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and serves as Assistant Vice President for Advancing Research Partnerships at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). As a child and adolescent psychiatrist co-leading the MUSC Youth Collaborative, he conducts National Institutes of Health supported clinical research, contributing novel advances to treatments for substance use disorders in adolescents and young adults.
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Academic Article Tolerability and effects of oral Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol in older adolescents with marijuana use disorders.
Academic Article N-acetylcysteine (NAC) in young marijuana users: an open-label pilot study.
Academic Article Evidence for greater cue reactivity among low-dependent vs. high-dependent smokers.
Academic Article Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder confounds nicotine withdrawal self-report in adolescent smokers.
Academic Article Association between ovarian hormones and smoking behavior in women.
Academic Article A double-blind randomized controlled trial of N-acetylcysteine in cannabis-dependent adolescents.
Academic Article Marijuana craving trajectories in an adolescent marijuana cessation pharmacotherapy trial.
Academic Article Cue reactivity in young marijuana smokers: a preliminary investigation.
Academic Article Laboratory-based, cue-elicited craving and cue reactivity as predictors of naturally occurring smoking behavior.
Academic Article Menstrual cycle and cue reactivity in women smokers.
Academic Article A pilot randomized study of smokeless tobacco use among smokers not interested in quitting: changes in smoking behavior and readiness to quit.
Academic Article Assessment of nicotine dependence among adolescent and young adult smokers: a comparison of measures.
Academic Article Reactivity to in vivo marijuana cues among cannabis-dependent adolescents.
Academic Article Bupropion SR and contingency management for adolescent smoking cessation.
Academic Article Varenicline versus bupropion XL for smoking cessation in older adolescents: a randomized, double-blind pilot trial.
Academic Article Nicotine therapy sampling to induce quit attempts among smokers unmotivated to quit: a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Gender differences in craving and cue reactivity to smoking and negative affect/stress cues.
Academic Article Cigarette warning label policy alternatives and smoking-related health disparities.
Academic Article Resisting the urge to smoke and craving during a smoking quit attempt on varenicline: results from a pilot fMRI study.
Academic Article A double blind, placebo-controlled study of the effects of post-retrieval propranolol on reconsolidation of memory for craving and cue reactivity in cocaine dependent humans.
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Concept Young Adult
Academic Article Smoking topography and abstinence in adult female smokers.
Academic Article Craving, cue reactivity, and stimulus control among early-stage young smokers: effects of smoking intensity and gender.
Academic Article Cigarette smoking during an N-acetylcysteine-assisted cannabis cessation trial in adolescents.
Academic Article Brief, instructional smokeless tobacco use among cigarette smokers who do not intend to quit: a pilot randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Changes in cardiovascular risk factors with participation in a 12-week weight loss trial using a commercial format.
Academic Article Achieving cannabis cessation -- evaluating N-acetylcysteine treatment (ACCENT): design and implementation of a multi-site, randomized controlled study in the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network.
Academic Article An open-label pilot trial of N-acetylcysteine and varenicline in adult cigarette smokers.
Academic Article Evaluating the effect of access to free medication to quit smoking: a clinical trial testing the role of motivation.
Academic Article Affective motives for smoking among early stage smokers.
Academic Article Menstrual cycle phase effects in the gender dimorphic stress cue reactivity of smokers.
Academic Article Increasing progesterone levels are associated with smoking abstinence among free-cycling women smokers who receive brief pharmacotherapy.
Academic Article An exploratory short-term double-blind randomized trial of varenicline versus nicotine patch for smoking cessation in women.
Academic Article Cognitive performance in a placebo-controlled pharmacotherapy trial for youth with marijuana dependence.
Academic Article Buspirone treatment of cannabis dependence: A randomized, placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article Gender Differences in Internalizing Symptoms and Suicide Risk Among Men and Women Seeking Treatment for Cannabis Use Disorder from Late Adolescence to Middle Adulthood.
Academic Article Oral Cannabidiol does not Alter the Subjective, Reinforcing or Cardiovascular Effects of Smoked Cannabis.
Academic Article Vilazodone for cannabis dependence: A randomized, controlled pilot trial.
Academic Article The effects of N-Acetylcysteine on frontostriatal resting-state functional connectivity, withdrawal symptoms and smoking abstinence: A double-blind, placebo-controlled fMRI pilot study.
Academic Article Gender differences in responses to cues presented in the natural environment of cigarette smokers.
Academic Article Objective and subjective memory ratings in cannabis-dependent adolescents.
Academic Article Low Pretreatment Impulsivity and High Medication Adherence Increase the Odds of Abstinence in a Trial of N-Acetylcysteine in Adolescents with Cannabis Use Disorder.
Academic Article Snus undermines quit attempts but not abstinence: a randomised clinical trial among US smokers.
Academic Article Systematic and meta-analytic review of research examining the impact of menstrual cycle phase and ovarian hormones on smoking and cessation.
Academic Article Parents of Children with ASD Experience More Psychological Distress, Parenting Stress, and Attachment-Related Anxiety.
Academic Article Behavioural and emotional problems in people with severe and profound intellectual disability.
Academic Article Outcomes in young adulthood: are we achieving community participation and inclusion?
Academic Article Association between adaptive behaviour and age in adults with Down syndrome without dementia: examining the range and severity of adaptive behaviour problems.
Academic Article A Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Pilot Trial of N-Acetylcysteine in Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Use Disorders.
Academic Article Alcohol consumption as a predictor of reactivity to smoking and stress cues presented in the natural environment of smokers.
Academic Article Behaviour and emotional problems in toddlers with pervasive developmental disorders and developmental delay: associations with parental mental health and family functioning.
Academic Article Perceptions of Snus Among US Adult Smokers Given Free Product.
Academic Article Gender differences among treatment-seeking adults with cannabis use disorder: Clinical profiles of women and men enrolled in the achieving cannabis cessation-evaluating N-acetylcysteine treatment (ACCENT) study.
Academic Article Association Between Baseline Corticothalamic-Mediated Inhibitory Control and Smoking Relapse Vulnerability.
Academic Article Incremental validity of estimated cannabis grams as a predictor of problems and cannabinoid biomarkers: Evidence from a clinical trial.
Academic Article A Naturalistic, Randomized Pilot Trial of E-Cigarettes: Uptake, Exposure, and Behavioral Effects.
Academic Article The effect of N-acetylcysteine on alcohol use during a cannabis cessation trial.
Academic Article Using REDCap for ambulatory assessment: Implementation in a clinical trial for smoking cessation to augment in-person data collection.
Academic Article Comparing adult cannabis treatment-seekers enrolled in a clinical trial with national samples of cannabis users in the United States.
Academic Article Attitudes and interest in technology-based treatment and the remote monitoring of smoking among adolescents and emerging adults.
Academic Article A randomized placebo-controlled trial of N-acetylcysteine for cannabis use disorder in adults.
Academic Article Reductions in cannabis use are associated with improvements in anxiety, depression, and sleep quality, but not quality of life.
Academic Article A multi-site proof-of-concept investigation of computerized approach-avoidance training in adolescent cannabis users.
Academic Article Biological correlates of self-reported new and continued abstinence in cannabis cessation treatment clinical trials.
Academic Article Acceptability and compliance with a remote monitoring system to track smoking and abstinence among young smokers.
Academic Article The role of depressive symptoms in treatment of adolescent cannabis use disorder with N-Acetylcysteine.
Academic Article Tobacco use during cannabis cessation: Use patterns and impact on abstinence in a National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network study.
Academic Article Investigating a novel fMRI cannabis cue reactivity task in youth.
Academic Article Sex Differences in Subjective and Behavioral Responses to Stressful and Smoking Cues Presented in the Natural Environment of Smokers.
Academic Article Blunts versus joints: Cannabis use characteristics and consequences among treatment-seeking adults.
Academic Article Pharmacological Treatment of Youth Substance Use Disorders.
Academic Article Preliminary evidence that computerized approach avoidance training is not associated with changes in fMRI cannabis cue reactivity in non-treatment-seeking adolescent cannabis users.
Academic Article An electronic, smart lighter to measure cigarette smoking: A pilot study to assess feasibility and initial validity.
Academic Article Efficacy and Safety of Varenicline for Adolescent Smoking Cessation: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Cannabis and Alcohol Co-Use in a Smoking Cessation Pharmacotherapy Trial for Adolescents and Emerging Adults.
Academic Article Depressive symptoms and cannabis use in a placebo-controlled trial of N-Acetylcysteine for adult cannabis use disorder.
Academic Article The influence of gender and oxytocin on stress reactivity, cigarette craving, and smoking in a randomized, placebo-controlled laboratory relapse paradigm.
Academic Article Nicotine replacement therapy sampling for smoking cessation within primary care: results from a pragmatic cluster randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial of Remote Varenicline Sampling to Promote Treatment Engagement and Smoking Cessation.
Academic Article Participation in sport and physical activity in adults with intellectual disabilities.
Academic Article Latency to cannabis dependence mediates the relationship between age at cannabis use initiation and cannabis use outcomes during treatment in men but not women.
Academic Article High-dose and low-dose varenicline for smoking cessation in adolescents: a randomised, placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article N-acetylcysteine for the treatment of comorbid alcohol use disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder: Design and methodology of a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Association of Cannabis Use With Intimate Partner Violence Among Couples With Substance Misuse.
Academic Article The state of clinical outcome assessments for cannabis use disorder clinical trials: A review and research agenda.
Academic Article Increases in endogenous progesterone attenuate smoking in a cohort of nontreatment seeking women: An exploratory prospective study.
Academic Article Examining sex, adverse childhood experiences, and oxytocin on neuroendocrine reactivity in smokers.
Academic Article Substance use patterns in 9-10 year olds: Baseline findings from the adolescent brain cognitive development (ABCD) study.
Academic Article Evaluating N-acetylcysteine for early and end-of-treatment abstinence in adult cigarette smokers.
Academic Article Evaluating cannabis use risk reduction as an alternative clinical outcome for cannabis use disorder.
Academic Article Social and community inclusion outcomes for adults with autism with and without intellectual disability in Australia.
Academic Article A pilot feasibility study of a behavioral intervention for nicotine vaping cessation among young adults delivered via telehealth.
Academic Article Characterization of Salivary Progesterone in Female Smokers.
Academic Article The role of emotion differentiation in the association between momentary affect and tobacco/nicotine craving in young adults.
Academic Article Determining the impact of cannabis use and severity on tobacco cessation outcomes: study protocol for a prospective tobacco treatment trial.
Academic Article ADHD symptoms and smoking outcomes in a randomized controlled trial of varenicline for adolescent and young adult tobacco cessation.
Academic Article Distress tolerance and reactivity to negative affective cues in naturalistic environments of cannabis-using emerging adults.
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