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Academic Article Microstructural white matter abnormalities in nodular heterotopia with overlying polymicrogyria.
Academic Article Automated MRI analysis for identification of hippocampal atrophy in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Clinical perspectives on lacosamide.
Academic Article Network atrophy in temporal lobe epilepsy: a voxel-based morphometry study.
Academic Article A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of adjunctive carisbamate treatment in patients with partial-onset seizures.
Academic Article Hippocampal atrophy in temporal lobe epilepsy: the 'generator' and 'receiver'.
Academic Article Standardized database development for EEG epileptiform transient detection: EEGnet scoring system and machine learning analysis.
Academic Article Neurophysiologic correlates of psychiatric disorders and potential applications in epilepsy.
Academic Article Asymmetrical extra-hippocampal grey matter loss related to hippocampal atrophy in patients with medial temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Carisbamate as adjunctive treatment of partial onset seizures in adults in two randomized, placebo-controlled trials.
Academic Article Web-based collection of expert opinion on routine scalp EEG: software development and interrater reliability.
Concept Epilepsies, Myoclonic
Concept Epilepsy, Generalized
Concept Epilepsies, Partial
Concept Epilepsy, Tonic-Clonic
Concept Epilepsy, Temporal Lobe
Academic Article One ring to dissolve them all.
Academic Article Intravenous carbamazepine as short-term replacement therapy for oral carbamazepine in adults with epilepsy: Pooled tolerability results from two open-label trials.
Academic Article Correlation of seizure frequency and medication down-titration rate during video-EEG monitoring.
Academic Article Characteristics of EEG Interpreters Associated With Higher Interrater Agreement.
Academic Article The promise of subtraction ictal SPECT co-registered to MRI for improved seizure localization in pediatric epilepsies: Affecting factors and relationship to the surgical outcome.
Academic Article What it should mean for an algorithm to pass a statistical Turing test for detection of epileptiform discharges.
Academic Article Interictal epileptiform discharge characteristics underlying expert interrater agreement.
Academic Article Detection of generalized tonic-clonic seizures using surface electromyographic monitoring.
Academic Article Randomized trial of lacosamide versus fosphenytoin for nonconvulsive seizures.
Academic Article Interictal Epileptiform Discharge Detection in EEG in Different Practice Settings.
Academic Article Development of Expert-Level Automated Detection of Epileptiform Discharges During Electroencephalogram Interpretation.
Academic Article Quantitative EEG analysis for automated detection of nonconvulsive seizures in intensive care units.
Academic Article Nine-year prospective efficacy and safety of brain-responsive neurostimulation for focal epilepsy.
Academic Article Automated Detection of Interictal Epileptiform Discharges from Scalp Electroencephalograms by Convolutional Neural Networks.
Academic Article A phase 1b/2a study of soticlestat as adjunctive therapy in participants with developmental and/or epileptic encephalopathies.
Academic Article Seizure freedom as an outcome in epilepsy treatment clinical trials.
Concept Drug Resistant Epilepsy
Academic Article Minimum standards for inpatient long-term video-EEG monitoring: A clinical practice guideline of the international league against epilepsy and international federation of clinical neurophysiology.
Academic Article Minimum standards for inpatient long-term video-electroencephalographic monitoring: A clinical practice guideline of the International League Against Epilepsy and International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology.
Academic Article Safety and Efficacy of Natalizumab as Adjunctive Therapy for People With Drug-Resistant Epilepsy: A Phase 2 Study.
Academic Article Add-on cannabidiol in patients with Dravet syndrome: Results of a long-term open-label extension trial.
Academic Article Long-term safety and efficacy of add-on cannabidiol in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome: Results of a long-term open-label extension trial.
Academic Article Measuring expertise in identifying interictal epileptiform discharges.
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