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Academic Article Sphingosine inhibition of agonist-dependent secretion and activation of human platelets implies that protein kinase C is a necessary and common event of the signal transduction pathways.
Concept Adenosine Monophosphate
Concept Adenosine Triphosphate
Concept Adenosine Diphosphate
Concept Adenosine Triphosphatases
Academic Article 15-Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid-mediated potentiation of thrombin-induced platelet functions occurs via enhanced production of phosphoinositide-derived second messengers--sn-1,2-diacylglycerol and inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate.
Academic Article Sphingosine activation of protein kinases in Jurkat T cells. In vitro phosphorylation of endogenous protein substrates and specificity of action.
Academic Article Delayed accumulation of diacylglycerol in platelets as a mechanism for regulation of onset of aggregation and secretion.
Academic Article Regulation of platelet protein kinase C by oleic acid. Kinetic analysis of allosteric regulation and effects on autophosphorylation, phorbol ester binding, and susceptibility to inhibition.
Academic Article Rat brain protein kinase C. Kinetic analysis of substrate dependence, allosteric regulation, and autophosphorylation.
Academic Article Aminoacridines, potent inhibitors of protein kinase C.
Academic Article Mixed micelle assay of protein kinase C.
Academic Article Protein kinase C activation in mixed micelles. Mechanistic implications of phospholipid, diacylglycerol, and calcium interdependencies.
Academic Article Metabolic stress opens K+ channels in hepatoma cells through a Ca2+- and protein kinase calpha-dependent mechanism.
Academic Article Cytosolic Ca2+ and protein kinase Calpha couple cellular metabolism to membrane K+ permeability in a human biliary cell line.
Academic Article Identification and biochemical characterization of an acid sphingomyelinase-like protein from the bacterial plant pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum that hydrolyzes ATP to AMP but not sphingomyelin to ceramide.
Academic Article Co-ordinated activation of classical and novel PKC isoforms is required for PMA-induced mTORC1 activation.
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