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Academic Article Regulated secretion of acid sphingomyelinase: implications for selectivity of ceramide formation.
Academic Article Ceramide kinase mediates cytokine- and calcium ionophore-induced arachidonic acid release.
Academic Article Defective acid sphingomyelinase pathway with Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in cystic fibrosis.
Concept Interleukin-10
Concept Receptors, Interleukin-2
Concept Interleukin-1 Receptor-Associated Kinases
Concept Interleukin-2
Concept Interleukin-1
Concept Interleukin-1beta
Concept Interleukin-8
Concept Interleukin-6
Academic Article Acid sphingomyelinase plays a key role in palmitic acid-amplified inflammatory signaling triggered by lipopolysaccharide at low concentrations in macrophages.
Academic Article GPR40/FFA1 and neutral sphingomyelinase are involved in palmitate-boosted inflammatory response of microvascular endothelial cells to LPS.
Academic Article Defining a role for acid sphingomyelinase in the p38/interleukin-6 pathway.
Academic Article Ceramide induces interleukin 6 gene expression in human fibroblasts.
Academic Article Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) signal transduction through ceramide. Dissociation of growth inhibitory effects of TNF-alpha from activation of nuclear factor-kappa B.
Academic Article Dual role of ceramide in the control of apoptosis following IL-2 withdrawal.
Academic Article Acid beta-glucosidase 1 counteracts p38delta-dependent induction of interleukin-6: possible role for ceramide as an anti-inflammatory lipid.
Academic Article IQ Motif-Containing GTPase-Activating Protein 2 (IQGAP2) Is a Novel Regulator of Colonic Inflammation in Mice.
Academic Article Activation of p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase in Gaucher's Disease.
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