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Academic Article Composition of the stable carotid plaque: insights from a multidetector computed tomography study of plaque volume.
Academic Article The natural history of acute non-traumatic aortic diseases.
Academic Article Preliminary evaluation of ultra-high pitch computed tomography enterography.
Academic Article The impact of expansive arterial remodeling on clinical presentation in carotid artery disease: a multidetector CT angiography study.
Academic Article Use of high-pitch dual-source computed tomography of the abdomen and pelvis to markedly reduce scan time: clinical feasibility study.
Concept Tomography, X-Ray Computed
Academic Article Improved performance of SPECT-CT In-111 capromab pendetide by correlation with diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for identifying metastatic pelvic lymphadenopathy in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Physician preference between low-dose computed tomography with a sinogram-affirmed iterative reconstruction algorithm and routine-dose computed tomography with filtered back projection in abdominopelvic imaging.
Academic Article Incidence of intravenous contrast extravasation: increased risk for patients with deep brachial catheter placement from the emergency department.
Academic Article Application of an Advanced Image-Based Virtual Monoenergetic Reconstruction of Dual Source Dual-Energy CT Data at Low keV Increases Image Quality for Routine Pancreas Imaging.
Academic Article What is the preferred strength setting of the sinogram-affirmed iterative reconstruction algorithm in abdominal CT imaging?
Academic Article The breadth of imaging findings of groove pancreatitis.
Academic Article Increased renal cyst density on abdominal CT at 100-kVp compared with 120-kVp: a preliminary evaluation.
Academic Article Dual-energy CT of the pancreas: improved carcinoma-to-pancreas contrast with a noise-optimized monoenergetic reconstruction algorithm.
Academic Article Optimization of window settings for virtual monoenergetic imaging in dual-energy CT of the liver: A multi-reader evaluation of standard monoenergetic and advanced imaged-based monoenergetic datasets.
Academic Article Limitation of Virtual Noncontrasted Images in Evaluation of a Liver Lesion Status Post Transarterial Chemoembolization.
Academic Article The Diagnostic Significance of a Mucocele of the Appendix.
Academic Article Virtual unenhanced imaging of the liver with third-generation dual-source dual-energy CT and advanced modeled iterative reconstruction.
Academic Article Can dual-energy computed tomography improve visualization of hypoenhancing liver lesions in portal venous phase? Assessment of advanced image-based virtual monoenergetic images.
Academic Article Single- and dual-energy CT of the abdomen: comparison of radiation dose and image quality of 2nd and 3rd generation dual-source CT.
Academic Article A noise-optimized virtual monoenergetic reconstruction algorithm improves the diagnostic accuracy of late hepatic arterial phase dual-energy CT for the detection of hypervascular liver lesions.
Academic Article Impact of low-kVp scan technique on oral contrast density at abdominopelvic CT.
Academic Article Combined Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Low-Attenuation Renal Lesions Improves Identification of Renal Malignancy on Noncontrast Computed Tomography.
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