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Academic Article Preservation of myocyte contractile function after hyperthermic cardioplegic arrest by activation of ATP-sensitive potassium channels.
Academic Article Modulation of the renin-angiotensin pathway through enzyme inhibition and specific receptor blockade in pacing-induced heart failure: II. Effects on myocyte contractile processes.
Academic Article Potassium channel opener-augmented cardioplegia: protection of myocyte contractility with chronic left ventricular dysfunction.
Academic Article Time-dependent changes in matrix metalloproteinase activity and expression during the progression of congestive heart failure: relation to ventricular and myocyte function.
Academic Article Isolated left ventricular myocyte contractility in patients undergoing cardiac operations.
Academic Article ATP-sensitive potassium channel activation before cardioplegia. Effects on ventricular and myocyte function.
Academic Article Chronic dual inhibition of angiotensin-converting enzyme and neutral endopeptidase during the development of left ventricular dysfunction in dogs.
Academic Article Downstream defects in beta-adrenergic signaling and relation to myocyte contractility after cardioplegic arrest.
Academic Article Temporal relation of ATP-sensitive potassium-channel activation and contractility before cardioplegia.
Academic Article Chronic amlodipine treatment during the development of heart failure.
Academic Article The direct effects of propofol on myocyte contractile function after hypothermic cardioplegic arrest.
Academic Article Contributory mechanisms for the beneficial effects of myocyte preconditioning during cardioplegic arrest.
Academic Article Direct effects of chronic beta-adrenergic receptor blockade on left ventricular and myocyte function in a model of tachycardia-induced congestive heart failure.
Academic Article Exogenous effects and endogenous production of endothelin in cardiac myocytes: potential significance in heart failure.
Academic Article Negative and selective effects of propofol on isolated swine myocyte contractile function in pacing-induced congestive heart failure.
Academic Article Beneficial effects of myocyte preconditioning on contractile processes after cardioplegic arrest.
Academic Article Protective effects of adenosine on myocyte contractility during cardioplegic arrest.
Academic Article Left ventricular regional myocyte contractility in normal and heart failure states.
Academic Article Relationship between external load and isolated myocyte contractile function with CHF in pigs.
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