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Academic Article Distinct guanine nucleotide binding and release properties of the three Gi proteins.
Academic Article Two forms of the bovine brain Go that stimulate the inositol trisphosphate-mediated Cl- currents in Xenopus oocytes. Distinct guanine nucleotide binding properties.
Academic Article Purification of Ns and Ni, the coupling proteins of hormone-sensitive adenylyl cyclases without intervention of activating regulatory ligands.
Academic Article Characterization by two-dimensional peptide mapping of the gamma subunits of Ns and Ni, the regulatory proteins of adenylyl cyclase, and of transducin, the guanine nucleotide-binding protein of rod outer segments of the eye.
Academic Article Updated protocols and comments on the purification without use of activating ligands of the coupling proteins Ns and Ni of the hormone sensitive adenylyl cyclase.
Academic Article Pertussis toxin substrate, the putative Ni component of adenylyl cyclases, is an alpha beta heterodimer regulated by guanine nucleotide and magnesium.
Academic Article Effects of guanine nucleotides and Mg on human erythrocyte Ni and Ns, the regulatory components of adenylyl cyclase.
Academic Article Inhibitory regulation of adenylyl cyclase in the absence of stimulatory regulation. Requirements and kinetics of guanine nucleotide-induced inhibition of the cyc- S49 adenylyl cyclase.
Academic Article Guanine nucleotide inhibition of cyc- S49 mouse lymphoma cell membrane adenylyl cyclase.
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