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Academic Article Diabetes modulates the expression of glomerular kinin receptors.
Academic Article Mechanisms through which bradykinin promotes glomerular injury in diabetes.
Academic Article Bradykinin B2 receptor knockout mice are protected from thrombosis by increased nitric oxide and prostacyclin.
Academic Article Regulation of B(2)-kinin receptors by glucose in vascular smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Bradykinin B2 receptors activate Na+/H+ exchange in mIMCD-3 cells via Janus kinase 2 and Ca2+/calmodulin.
Academic Article The arrestin-selective angiotensin AT1 receptor agonist [Sar1,Ile4,Ile8]-AngII negatively regulates bradykinin B2 receptor signaling via AT1-B2 receptor heterodimers.
Academic Article Bradykinin B2 receptor modulates renal prostaglandin E2 and nitric oxide.
Academic Article Mechanisms of angiotensin II-induced expression of B2 kinin receptors.
Academic Article Targeted deletion of B2-kinin receptors protects against the development of diabetic nephropathy.
Academic Article Global renal gene expression profiling analysis in B2-kinin receptor null mice: impact of diabetes.
Academic Article Role of kinins in the renal response to enalaprilat in normotensive and hypertensive rats.
Concept Receptor, Bradykinin B2
Academic Article Characterization of the Kallikrein-Kinin System Post Chemical Neuronal Injury: An In Vitro Biochemical and Neuroproteomics Assessment.
Academic Article Mechanisms of bradykinin-induced expression of connective tissue growth factor and nephrin in podocytes.
Academic Article Heteromerization fingerprints between bradykinin B2 and thromboxane TP receptors in native cells.
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