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Academic Article Forebrain astroglial plasticity is induced following withdrawal from repeated cocaine administration.
Academic Article Bidirectional modulation of cystine/glutamate exchanger activity in cultured cortical astrocytes.
Concept Astrocytes
Academic Article Astrocytic dysfunction and addiction: consequences of impaired glutamate homeostasis.
Academic Article Cocaine Self-Administration and Extinction Leads to Reduced Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Expression and Morphometric Features of Astrocytes in the Nucleus Accumbens Core.
Academic Article Gq-DREADD Selectively Initiates Glial Glutamate Release and Inhibits Cue-induced Cocaine Seeking.
Academic Article Metaplasticity at the addicted tetrapartite synapse: A common denominator of drug induced adaptations and potential treatment target for addiction.
Academic Article Effects of Methamphetamine Self-Administration and Extinction on Astrocyte Structure and Function in the Nucleus Accumbens Core.
Academic Article Heroin Cue-Evoked Astrocytic Structural Plasticity at Nucleus Accumbens Synapses Inhibits Heroin Seeking.
Academic Article Astrocytes as cellular mediators of cue reactivity in addiction.
Academic Article Astrocytes in the ventral pallidum extinguish heroin seeking through GAT-3 upregulation and morphological plasticity at D1-MSN terminals.
Academic Article Extrasynaptic therapeutic targets in substance use and stress disorders.
Academic Article Astrocyte regulation of synaptic signaling in psychiatric disorders.
Academic Article Plasticity in astrocyte subpopulations regulates heroin relapse.
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