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Academic Article Alcohol drinking problems among New York City residents after the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Academic Article Drug- or alcohol-facilitated, incapacitated, and forcible rape in relationship to mental health among a national sample of women.
Academic Article Incapacitated, forcible, and drug/alcohol-facilitated rape in relation to binge drinking, marijuana use, and illicit drug use: a national survey.
Academic Article Increased use of cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana among Manhattan, New York, residents after the September 11th terrorist attacks.
Academic Article PTSD symptoms, potentially traumatic event exposure, and binge drinking: a prospective study with a national sample of adolescents.
Academic Article Assault related substance use as a predictor of substance use over time within a sample of recent victims of sexual assault.
Academic Article Substance use among women receiving post-rape medical care, associated post-assault concerns and current substance abuse: results from a national telephone household probability sample.
Academic Article Sustained increased consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana among Manhattan residents after september 11, 2001.
Academic Article Forcible, drug-facilitated, and incapacitated rape and sexual assault among undergraduate women.
Academic Article Interpersonal victimization, posttraumatic stress disorder, and change in adolescent substance use prevalence over a ten-year period.
Academic Article Longitudinal trajectories of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and binge drinking among adolescent girls: the role of sexual victimization.
Academic Article Exposure to interpersonal violence and risk for PTSD, depression, delinquency, and binge drinking among adolescents: data from the NSA-R.
Academic Article Longitudinal examination of PTSD symptoms and problematic alcohol use as risk factors for adolescent victimization.
Concept Alcohol Drinking
Academic Article Bounce Back Now! Protocol of a population-based randomized controlled trial to examine the efficacy of a Web-based intervention with disaster-affected families.
Academic Article Understanding Disparities in Service Seeking Following Forcible Versus Drug- or Alcohol-Facilitated/Incapacitated Rape.
Academic Article Relationship violence victimization and binge drinking trajectories among a nationally representative sample of adolescents.
Academic Article A Randomized Clinical Trial Examining the Effect of Video-Based Prevention of Alcohol and Marijuana Use Among Recent Sexual Assault Victims.
Concept Binge Drinking
Concept Underage Drinking
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