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Academic Article Ethanol, not fat accumulation per se, increases free radical production in a low-flow, reflow liver perfusion model.
Academic Article Methyl palmitate prevents Kupffer cell activation and improves survival after orthotopic liver transplantation in the rat.
Academic Article Protection by acidotic pH against anoxia/reoxygenation injury to rat neonatal cardiac myocytes.
Academic Article Gentle in situ liver manipulation during organ harvest increases oxygen consumption in liver.
Academic Article Kupffer cells mediate increased anoxic hepatocellular killing from hyperosmolarity by an oxygen- and prostaglandin-independent mechanism.
Academic Article Ischemic preconditioning prevents free radical production and mitochondrial depolarization in small-for-size rat liver grafts.
Academic Article Ethanol exposure decreases mitochondrial outer membrane permeability in cultured rat hepatocytes.
Academic Article Ethanol suppresses ureagenesis in rat hepatocytes: role of acetaldehyde.
Academic Article Reperfusion injury to endothelial cells following cold ischemic storage of rat livers.
Academic Article Rhodamine 123 as a probe of transmembrane potential in isolated rat-liver mitochondria: spectral and metabolic properties.
Academic Article Phosphate dependence and atractyloside inhibition of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. The ADP-ATP carrier is rate-limiting.
Academic Article Continuous measurement and rapid kinetics of ATP synthesis in rat liver mitochondria, mitoplasts and inner membrane vesicles determined by firefly-luciferase luminescence.
Academic Article Metabolic heterogeneity in the perfused rat liver.
Academic Article Alcohol-induced liver injury. The role of oxygen.
Academic Article The ATP-to-oxygen stoichiometries of oxidative phosphorylation by rat liver mitochondria. An analysis of ADP-induced oxygen jumps by linear nonequilibrium thermodynamics.
Academic Article Hypoxic hepatocellular injury.
Academic Article Is hypoxia involved in the mechanism of alcohol-induced liver injury?
Academic Article Ethanol-induced changes in the intralobular oxygen gradient of perfused rat liver.
Academic Article The energized state of rat liver mitochondria. ATP equivalence, uncoupler sensitivity, and decay kinetics.
Academic Article Evidence that activation of Kupffer cells increases oxygen uptake after cold storage.
Academic Article Activation of Kupffer cells in vivo following femur fracture.
Academic Article Transient activation of hepatic glycogenolysis by thrombin in perfused rat livers.
Academic Article Reperfusion injury after liver preservation for transplantation.
Academic Article Adaptive Kupffer cell alterations after femur fracture trauma in rats.
Academic Article Inhibition of mitochondrial respiration as a source of adaphostin-induced reactive oxygen species and cytotoxicity.
Academic Article A new method to monitor Kupffer-cell function continuously in the perfused rat liver. Dissociation of glycogenolysis from particle phagocytosis.
Academic Article Evidence that graft survival is not related to parenchymal cell viability in rat liver transplantation. The importance of nonparenchymal cells.
Academic Article Oxidative phosphorylation and ultrastructural transformation in mitochondria in the intact ascites tumor cell.
Academic Article Selective increase in pericentral oxygen gradient in perfused rat liver following ethanol treatment.
Academic Article Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of oxidative phosphorylation by inverted inner membrane vesicles of rat liver mitochondria.
Academic Article Mitochondria as a source of reactive oxygen species during reductive stress in rat hepatocytes.
Academic Article When does the lung die? Kfc, cell viability, and adenine nucleotide changes in the circulation-arrested rat lung.
Concept Oxygen Consumption
Academic Article ATP/ADP ratio, the missed connection between mitochondria and the Warburg effect.
Academic Article ATP/ADP Turnover and Import of Glycolytic ATP into Mitochondria in Cancer Cells Is Independent of the Adenine Nucleotide Translocator.
Academic Article HDAC1 localizes to the mitochondria of cardiac myocytes and contributes to early cardiac reperfusion injury.
Academic Article Metabolic implications of non-electrogenic ATP/ADP exchange in cancer cells: A mechanistic basis for the Warburg effect.
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