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Academic Article Familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy-linked mutant troponin T causes stress-induced ventricular tachycardia and Ca2+-dependent action potential remodeling.
Academic Article Triadin: the new player on excitation-contraction coupling block.
Academic Article Shear fluid-induced Ca2+ release and the role of mitochondria in rat cardiac myocytes.
Academic Article beta-adrenergic regulation of a novel isoform of NCX: sequence and expression of shark heart NCX in human kidney cells.
Academic Article Ca2+ current-gated focal and local Ca2+ release in rat atrial myocytes: evidence from rapid 2-D confocal imaging.
Academic Article Hypoxic regulation of cardiac Ca2+ channel: possible role of haem oxygenase.
Academic Article Cardiac progenitor cells engineered with Pim-1 (CPCeP) develop cardiac phenotypic electrophysiological properties as they are co-cultured with neonatal myocytes.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal characteristics of junctional and nonjunctional focal Ca2+ release in rat atrial myocytes.
Academic Article Modulation of Ca2+ signalling in rat atrial myocytes: possible role of the alpha1C carboxyl terminal.
Academic Article Diversity of atrial local Ca2+ signalling: evidence from 2-D confocal imaging in Ca2+-buffered rat atrial myocytes.
Academic Article Intracellular Ca2+ oscillations, a potential pacemaking mechanism in early embryonic heart cells.
Academic Article 'Pressure-flow'-triggered intracellular Ca2+ transients in rat cardiac myocytes: possible mechanisms and role of mitochondria.
Academic Article Developmental aspects of cardiac Ca(2+) signaling: interplay between RyR- and IP(3)R-gated Ca(2+) stores.
Academic Article Regulation of cardiac Ca(2+) channel by extracellular Na(+).
Academic Article In vitro modeling of ryanodine receptor 2 dysfunction using human induced pluripotent stem cells.
Academic Article Mechanical regulation of native and the recombinant calcium channel.
Concept Myocytes, Cardiac
Academic Article A new method to detect rapid oxygen changes around cells: how quickly do calcium channels sense oxygen in cardiomyocytes?
Academic Article Cardiac calcium signalling pathologies associated with defective calmodulin regulation of type 2 ryanodine receptor.
Academic Article Diversity of mitochondrial Ca²? signaling in rat neonatal cardiomyocytes: evidence from a genetically directed Ca²? probe, mitycam-E31Q.
Academic Article Regionally diverse mitochondrial calcium signaling regulates spontaneous pacing in developing cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article Fast-Response Calmodulin-Based Fluorescent Indicators Reveal Rapid Intracellular Calcium Dynamics.
Academic Article Calcium signaling in human stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes: Evidence from normal subjects and CPVT afflicted patients.
Academic Article Xanthohumol Modulates Calcium Signaling in Rat Ventricular Myocytes: Possible Antiarrhythmic Properties.
Academic Article Acid-Sensitive Ion Channels Are Expressed in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article Mechanisms of spontaneous pacing: sinoatrial nodal cells, neonatal cardiomyocytes, and human stem cell derived cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article Regulation of Ca2+ signaling by acute hypoxia and acidosis in rat neonatal cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article Regulation of Ca2+ signaling by acute hypoxia and acidosis in cardiomyocytes derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells.
Academic Article Calcium signaling consequences of RyR2 mutations associated with CPVT1 introduced via CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing in human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes: Comparison of RyR2-R420Q, F2483I, and Q4201R.
Academic Article Ca2+ signaling of human pluripotent stem cells-derived cardiomyocytes as compared to adult mammalian cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article Mutation in RyR2-FKBP Binding site alters Ca2+ signaling modestly but increases "arrhythmogenesis" in human stem cells derived cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article Oxygen sensor of the heart.
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