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Academic Article Fabrication of tubular tissue constructs by centrifugal casting of cells suspended in an in situ crosslinkable hyaluronan-gelatin hydrogel.
Academic Article Hyaluronan, CD44, and cyclooxygenase-2 in colon cancer.
Academic Article Tissue-specific shRNA delivery: a novel approach for gene therapy in cancer.
Academic Article Delivery of CD44 shRNA/nanoparticles within cancer cells: perturbation of hyaluronan/CD44v6 interactions and reduction in adenoma growth in Apc Min/+ MICE.
Academic Article Effect of selected denervations on glycoconjugate composition and tissue morphology during the initiation phase of limb regeneration in adult Ambystoma.
Academic Article Structural analyses on the matrical organization of glycosaminoglycans in developing endocardial cushions.
Academic Article Versican proteolysis mediates myocardial regression during outflow tract development.
Academic Article Hyaluronan constitutively regulates activation of COX-2-mediated cell survival activity in intestinal epithelial and colon carcinoma cells.
Academic Article Stromal hyaluronan interaction with epithelial CD44 variants promotes prostate cancer invasiveness by augmenting expression and function of hepatocyte growth factor and androgen receptor.
Academic Article Glycoconjugates in normal wound tissue matrices during the initiation phase of limb regeneration in adult Ambystoma.
Academic Article Hyaluronan-CD44 interactions as potential targets for cancer therapy.
Academic Article Effects of hyaluronic acid on cardiac cushion tissue cells in collagen matrix cultures.
Academic Article Effects of two glycosaminoglycans on seeding of cardiac cushion tissue cells into a collagen-lattice culture system.
Academic Article Endocardial cushion tissue development: structural analyses on the attachment of extracellular matrix to migrating mesenchymal cell surfaces.
Academic Article Structural analysis of extracellular matrix prior to the migration of cephalic neural crest cells.
Concept Hyaluronan Receptors
Concept Hyaluronic Acid
Academic Article Overexpression of c-Met and CD44v6 receptors contributes to autocrine TGF-?1 signaling in interstitial lung disease.
Academic Article Periostin induces intracellular cross-talk between kinases and hyaluronan in atrioventricular valvulogenesis.
Academic Article Interactions between Hyaluronan and Its Receptors (CD44, RHAMM) Regulate the Activities of Inflammation and Cancer.
Academic Article Transforming growth factor ?1 (TGF?1)-induced CD44V6-NOX4 signaling in pathogenesis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Academic Article Transforming growth factor ?1 (TGF?1) regulates CD44V6 expression and activity through extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK)-induced EGR1 in pulmonary fibrogenic fibroblasts.
Academic Article FOLFOX Therapy Induces Feedback Upregulation of CD44v6 through YB-1 to Maintain Stemness in Colon Initiating Cells.
Concept Hyaluronan Synthases
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