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Academic Article Mixed cultures of avian blastoderm cells and the quail mesoderm cell line QCE-6 provide evidence for the pluripotentiality of early mesoderm.
Academic Article Multiple glycoproteins localize to a particulate form of extracellular matrix in regions of the embryonic heart where endothelial cells transform into mesenchyme.
Academic Article The Cspg2 gene, disrupted in the hdf mutant, is required for right cardiac chamber and endocardial cushion formation.
Academic Article The outflow tract of the heart is recruited from a novel heart-forming field.
Academic Article Formation of myocardium after the initial development of the linear heart tube.
Academic Article Myocardialization of the cardiac outflow tract.
Academic Article Development of the cardiac conduction system. Introduction.
Academic Article Cellular recruitment and the development of the myocardium.
Academic Article Atrial development in the human heart: an immunohistochemical study with emphasis on the role of mesenchymal tissues.
Academic Article Immunolocalization of chick periostin protein in the developing heart.
Academic Article Multiple stem cell populations contribute to the formation of the myocardium.
Academic Article An antiserum (ES1) against a particulate form of extracellular matrix blocks the transition of cardiac endothelium into mesenchyme in culture.
Academic Article Periostin (an osteoblast-specific factor) is expressed within the embryonic mouse heart during valve formation.
Academic Article Periostin is required for maturation and extracellular matrix stabilization of noncardiomyocyte lineages of the heart.
Academic Article Sturctural analysis of cell:matrix association during the morphogenesis of atrioventricular cushion tissue.
Academic Article Induction of an epithelial-mesenchymal transition by an in vivo adheron-like complex.
Academic Article Glycosaminoglycans: potential determinants in cardiac morphogenesis.
Academic Article Myocardial specificity for initiating endothelial-mesenchymal cell transition in embryonic chick heart correlates with a particulate distribution of fibronectin.
Academic Article Extracellular matrix from embryonic myocardium elicits an early morphogenetic event in cardiac endothelial differentiation.
Academic Article Distribution of basement membrane antigens in cryopreserved early embryonic hearts.
Academic Article Conditioning of native substrates by chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans during cardiac mesenchymal cell migration.
Academic Article Structural development of endocardial cushions.
Academic Article Distribution of mucosubstances in the developing rat heart.
Academic Article Distribution and relationship of precursor Z material to organizing myofibrillar bundles in embryonic rat and hamster ventricular myocytes.
Academic Article Cellular migration through the cardiac jelly matrix: a stereoanalysis by high-voltage electron microscopy.
Academic Article NCAM polypeptides in heart development: association with Z discs of forms that contain the muscle-specific domain.
Academic Article Effects of ectoderm co-culture and conditioned medium on the limb mesoderm in vitro.
Academic Article A subset of SBA lectin-binding proteins isolated from myocardial-conditioned media transforms cardiac endothelium into mesenchyme.
Academic Article Retinoic acid directs cardiac laterality and the expression of early markers of precardiac asymmetry.
Academic Article Induction of endocardial cushion tissue in the avian heart is regulated, in part, by TGFbeta-3-mediated autocrine signaling.
Academic Article Recruitment of new cells into the postnatal heart: potential modification of phenotype by periostin.
Academic Article Versican proteolysis mediates myocardial regression during outflow tract development.
Academic Article Functional BMP receptor in endocardial cells is required in atrioventricular cushion mesenchymal cell formation in chick.
Academic Article Tissue engineering by self-assembly of cells printed into topologically defined structures.
Academic Article Neonatal and adult cardiovascular pathophysiological remodeling and repair: developmental role of periostin.
Academic Article Relating cell and tissue mechanics: implications and applications.
Academic Article Lack of periostin leads to suppression of Notch1 signaling and calcific aortic valve disease.
Academic Article Cardiac fibrosis in mice with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is mediated by non-myocyte proliferation and requires Tgf-?.
Academic Article Morphologic recognition of complex carbohydrates in embryonic cardiac extracellular matrix.
Academic Article Endocardial cells form the coronary arteries by angiogenesis through myocardial-endocardial VEGF signaling.
Academic Article The role of extracellular matrix in cardiogenesis.
Academic Article Effects of hyaluronic acid on cardiac cushion tissue cells in collagen matrix cultures.
Academic Article Initial expression of type I procollagen in chick cardiac mesenchyme is dependent upon myocardial stimulation.
Academic Article Endocytic activity in embryonic cardiac cushion mesenchyme in vivo and in collagen gel lattices.
Academic Article Localization of sialic acid at the surface of embryonic myocardial cells.
Academic Article Identification of an extracellular 130-kDa protein involved in early cardiac morphogenesis.
Academic Article Myocardial regulation of transforming growth factor-beta expression by outflow tract endothelium in the early embryonic chick heart.
Academic Article Identification of transferrin as one of multiple EDTA-extractable extracellular proteins involved in early chick heart morphogenesis.
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