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overview Dr. McCauley's general research interests focus on the dissemination and implementation of multi-level interventions targeting prescription opioid abuse and its common comorbidities (e.g., pain, traumatic stress, depression). In addition, Dr. McCauley is an active collaborator on projects to develop, evaluate, and implement indicated prevention and early intervention programming for youth and adults at-risk for substance use disorders, PTSD, and HIV/STI. Her work is funded by the National Institutes of Drug Abuse (NIDA). Dr. McCauley regularly provides research mentorship and clinical supervision to resident trainees.
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Academic Article Forcible, drug-facilitated, and incapacitated rape in relation to substance use problems: results from a national sample of college women.
Academic Article Binge drinking and rape: a prospective examination of college women with a history of previous sexual victimization.
Academic Article Drug- or alcohol-facilitated, incapacitated, and forcible rape in relationship to mental health among a national sample of women.
Academic Article Incapacitated, forcible, and drug/alcohol-facilitated rape in relation to binge drinking, marijuana use, and illicit drug use: a national survey.
Academic Article Non-medical use of prescription drugs in a national sample of college women.
Academic Article Prevalence and risk of psychiatric disorders as a function of variant rape histories: results from a national survey of women.
Academic Article Randomized controlled trial of an internet-based intervention using random-digit-dial recruitment: the Disaster Recovery Web project.
Academic Article Assault related substance use as a predictor of substance use over time within a sample of recent victims of sexual assault.
Academic Article National prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder among sexually revictimized adolescent, college, and adult household-residing women.
Academic Article Substance use among women receiving post-rape medical care, associated post-assault concerns and current substance abuse: results from a national telephone household probability sample.
Academic Article Pilot of a brief, web-based educational intervention targeting safe storage and disposal of prescription opioids.
Academic Article Forty days after the Great East Japan Earthquake: field research investigating community engagement and traumatic stress screening in a post-disaster community mental health training.
Academic Article Prevalence and correlates of drug/alcohol-facilitated and incapacitated sexual assault in a nationally representative sample of adolescent girls.
Academic Article Mental health and rape history in relation to non-medical use of prescription drugs in a national sample of women.
Academic Article The role of traumatic event history in non-medical use of prescription drugs among a nationally representative sample of US adolescents.
Academic Article The role of rape tactics in risk for posttraumatic stress disorder and major depression: results from a national sample of college women.
Academic Article Self-rated health in relation to rape and mental health disorders in a national sample of women.
Academic Article Rural adults' use of health-related information online: data from a 2006 National Online Health Survey.
Academic Article Self-rated health in relation to rape and mental health disorders in a national sample of college women.
Academic Article Longitudinal trajectories of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and binge drinking among adolescent girls: the role of sexual victimization.
Academic Article Nonuse and dropout attrition for a web-based mental health intervention delivered in a post-disaster context.
Academic Article College women's experiences with rape disclosure: a national study.
Academic Article Disaster impact across cultural groups: comparison of Whites, African Americans, and Latinos.
Concept Violence
Concept Substance-Related Disorders
Concept Anxiety Disorders
Concept Blood Pressure
Concept Pain
Concept Alcoholic Intoxication
Concept Depressive Disorder, Major
Concept Opioid-Related Disorders
Concept Depressive Disorder
Concept Community-Institutional Relations
Concept Depression
Concept Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic
Concept Marijuana Abuse
Concept Analgesics, Opioid
Concept Mental Disorders
Concept Interpersonal Relations
Concept HIV Infections
Concept Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Concept Sex Offenses
Concept Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Concept Alcoholism
Concept Heart Rate
Concept Alcohol-Related Disorders
Concept Pregnancy Complications
Concept Combat Disorders
Concept Behavior, Addictive
Concept Stress, Psychological
Concept Sleep Wake Disorders
Concept Pain, Postoperative
Concept Puerperal Disorders
Academic Article Mental health outcomes among adults in Galveston and Chambers counties after Hurricane Ike.
Academic Article The associations between loss and posttraumatic stress and depressive symptoms followingHurricane Ike.
Academic Article Patterns of drug and alcohol use associated with lifetime sexual revictimization and current posttraumatic stress disorder among three national samples of adolescent, college, and household-residing women.
Academic Article Prevalence and predictors of PTSD and depression among adolescent victims of the Spring 2011 tornado outbreak.
Academic Article HIV-related sexual risk behavior among African American adolescent girls.
Academic Article Laboratory-induced cue reactivity among individuals with prescription opioid dependence.
Academic Article Sleep disturbances and pain among individuals with prescription opioid dependence.
Academic Article Pain management perceptions among prescription opioid dependent individuals.
Academic Article Bounce Back Now! Protocol of a population-based randomized controlled trial to examine the efficacy of a Web-based intervention with disaster-affected families.
Academic Article Comorbidity of PTSD, Major Depression, and Substance Use Disorder Among Adolescent Victims of the Spring 2011 Tornadoes in Alabama and Joplin, Missouri.
Academic Article Self-rated health in relation to rape and mental health disorders in a national sample of women
Academic Article Relations between Loss of Services and Psychiatric Symptoms in Urban and Non-Urban Settings following a Natural Disaster.
Academic Article Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders: Advances in Assessment and Treatment.
Academic Article Dental opioid prescribing practices and risk mitigation strategy implementation: Identification of potential targets for provider-level intervention.
Academic Article Adolescent Substance Use Following a Deadly U.S. Tornado Outbreak: A Population-Based Study of 2,000 Families.
Academic Article Laboratory-induced stress and craving among individuals with prescription opioid dependence.
Academic Article Prescription Opioid Misuse, Abuse, and Treatment in the United States: An Update.
Academic Article Web Intervention for Adolescents Affected by Disaster: Population-Based Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Dental opioid prescribing and multiple opioid prescriptions among dental patients: Administrative data from the South Carolina prescription drug monitoring program.
Academic Article A Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Pilot Trial of N-Acetylcysteine in Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Use Disorders.
Academic Article Treatment of Prescription Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnant Women.
Academic Article Targeting practitioners: A review of guidelines, training, and policy in pain management.
Academic Article Opioid prescribing and risk mitigation implementation in the management of acute?pain: Results from The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network.
Academic Article Gender differences in subjective stress and neuroendocrine response to a stress task among individuals with opioid dependence: A pilot study.
Academic Article Training experiences regarding pain management, addiction, and drug diversion of dentists enrolled in the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network.
Academic Article Assessing the needs of front-line providers in addressing the opioid crisis in South Carolina.
Academic Article Prescription Drug Abuse Among Patients in Rural Dental Practices Reported by Members of the National Dental PBRN.
Academic Article The effect of targeted insurer-mandated prescription monitoring on opioid prescribing patterns.
Academic Article Increased availability of telehealth mental health and substance abuse treatment for peripartum and postpartum women: A unique opportunity to increase telehealth treatment.
Academic Article Substance Use Prevention Programming for Adolescents and Young Adults: A Mixed-Method Examination of Substance Use Perceptions and Use of Prevention Services.
Academic Article High-Risk Opioid Prescribing Trends: Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Data From 2010 to 2018.
Academic Article Trends in Dispensed Opioid Analgesic Prescriptions to Children in South Carolina: 2010-2017.
Academic Article Patterns of dispensed opioids after tonsillectomy in children and adolescents in South Carolina, United States, 2010-2017.
Academic Article Leveraging Telehealth in the United States to Increase Access to Opioid Use Disorder Treatment in Pregnancy and Postpartum During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Pain Management for Dental Medicine in 2021: Opioids, Coronavirus and Beyond.
Academic Article Effect of Payor-Mandated Review of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program on Opioid Prescriber Rates.
Concept Chronic Pain
Concept Acute Pain
Concept Drug Overdose
Academic Article Enhancing research data infrastructure to address the opioid epidemic: the Opioid Overdose Network (O2-Net).
Academic Article High-risk opioid analgesic dispensing to adolescents 12-18?years old in South Carolina: 2010-2017.
Academic Article Risk factors and trajectories of opioid use following total knee replacement.
Academic Article Incidence and patterns of persistent opioid use in children following appendectomy.
Academic Article New chronic opioid use in Medicaid patients following cholecystectomy.
Academic Article The effectiveness of a noninterruptive alert to increase prescription of take-home naloxone in emergency departments.
Academic Article Opioid Use Patterns in a Statewide Adult Medicaid Population Undergoing Elective Lumbar Spine Surgery.
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