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overview My laboratory is focused on the analysis of signaling and gene regulatory pathways, which play a role in cardiac failure. Recently, others and we have demonstrated that protein acetylation, regulated by histone acetyltransferases (HATs) and histone deacetylases (HDACs), plays a significant role in modulating gene expression in cardiac pathologies. Importantly, treatment with HDAC inhibitors preserves ventricular remodeling and cardiac function in models of cardiac hypertrophy, myocardial infarction (MI) and heart failure. We have demonstrated that the acetylation state of specific transcription factors affects their interaction with co-activators and co-repressors. Therefore, HDACs can facilitate gene activation via the direct deacetylation of transcription factors allowing for recruitment of co-activators to the promoter. We utilize both isolated adult cardiac myocytes as well as animal models of hypertrophy, MI and heart failure to determine the signals that regulate HDACs and HATs and how the resulting changes in protein acetylation modulate cardiomyocyte and ventricular function. Our goal is to translate our basic and pre-clinical discoveries into important new therapies for patients with heart disease.
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Academic Article Histone deacetylases facilitate sodium/calcium exchanger up-regulation in adult cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article Inhibition of histone deacetylase protects the retina from ischemic injury.
Academic Article Transcriptional pathways and potential therapeutic targets in the regulation of Ncx1 expression in cardiac hypertrophy and failure.
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Concept Histone Deacetylases
Concept Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors
Concept Histone Acetyltransferases
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Academic Article Selective inhibition of class I but not class IIb histone deacetylases exerts cardiac protection from ischemia reperfusion.
Academic Article Acetylation: a lysine modification with neuroprotective effects in ischemic retinal degeneration.
Academic Article Evidence for a non-canonical role of HDAC5 in regulation of the cardiac Ncx1 and Bnp genes.
Academic Article HDACs Regulate miR-133a Expression in Pressure Overload-Induced Cardiac Fibrosis.
Academic Article Histone Deacetylases Exert Class-Specific Roles in Conditioning the Brain and Heart Against Acute Ischemic Injury.
Academic Article A class of their own: exploring the nondeacetylase roles of class IIa HDACs in cardiovascular disease.
Academic Article Inhibition of class I histone deacetylase activity represses matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9 expression and preserves LV function postmyocardial infarction.
Academic Article HDAC1 localizes to the mitochondria of cardiac myocytes and contributes to early cardiac reperfusion injury.
Academic Article Angiokine Wisp-1 is increased in myocardial infarction and regulates cardiac endothelial signaling.
Academic Article HDAC inhibition helps post-MI healing by modulating macrophage polarization.
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