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Academic Article Age as a bona fide occupational qualification for firefighting. A review on the importance of measuring aerobic power.
Academic Article Brain norepinephrine changes with simulated weightlessness and relation to exercise training.
Academic Article Comparison of discrete cardiovascular fitness groups on plasma catecholamine and selected behavioral responses to psychological stress.
Academic Article Plasma catecholamine response to acute psychological stress in humans: relation to aerobic fitness and exercise training.
Academic Article Performance requirements of physically strenuous occupations: validating minimum standards for muscular strength and endurance.
Academic Article Aging and the fitness of fire fighters: the complex issues involved in abolishing mandatory retirement ages.
Academic Article Factor analytic derivation of the MHPG/NM ratio: implications for studying the link between physical fitness and depression.
Academic Article Influence of catecholamine activity on the hierarchical relationships among physical fitness condition and selected personality characteristics.
Academic Article Relationships between urinary catecholamine metabolites, particularly MHPG, and selected personality and physical fitness characteristics in normal subjects.
Academic Article Heart rate response of firefighters to actual emergencies. Implications for cardiorespiratory fitness.
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