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Academic Article Effects of the glucocorticoid antagonist, mifepristone, on the consequences of withdrawal from long term alcohol consumption.
Academic Article K(Ca)2 channels: novel therapeutic targets for treating alcohol withdrawal and escalation of alcohol consumption.
Academic Article Introduction to Young Investigator Award Symposium: Symposium XII: Young Investigator Award.
Academic Article Ethanol exposure and withdrawal sensitizes the rat hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cell region to beta-amyloid (25-35)-induced cytotoxicity: NMDA receptor involvement.
Concept Alcohol Drinking
Academic Article Differential potassium channel gene regulation in BXD mice reveals novel targets for pharmacogenetic therapies to reduce heavy alcohol drinking.
Academic Article Kv7 channels in the nucleus accumbens are altered by chronic drinking and are targets for reducing alcohol consumption.
Academic Article Orbitofrontal Neuroadaptations and Cross-Species Synaptic Biomarkers in Heavy-Drinking Macaques.
Academic Article Chronic Alcohol, Intrinsic Excitability, and Potassium Channels: Neuroadaptations and Drinking Behavior.
Academic Article Identification and validation of midbrain Kcnq4 regulation of heavy alcohol consumption in rodents.
Academic Article Increasing Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in medial prefrontal cortex selectively reduces excessive drinking in ethanol dependent mice.
Academic Article Correction to: Chronic Alcohol, Intrinsic Excitability, and Potassium Channels: Neuroadaptations and Drinking Behavior.
Academic Article Dynamic c-Fos changes in mouse brain during acute and protracted withdrawal from chronic intermittent ethanol exposure and relapse drinking.
Academic Article Mechanisms of Persistent Neurobiological Changes Following Adolescent Alcohol Exposure: NADIA Consortium Findings.
Academic Article Effects of ceftriaxone on ethanol drinking and GLT-1 expression in ethanol dependence and relapse drinking.
Academic Article Bioinformatics identification and pharmacological validation of Kcnn3/KCa2 channels as a mediator of negative affective behaviors and excessive alcohol drinking in mice.
Academic Article The histone methyltransferase G9a mediates stress-regulated alcohol drinking.
Academic Article Distinct Region- and Time-Dependent Functional Cortical Adaptations in C57BL/6J Mice after Short and Prolonged Alcohol Drinking.
Academic Article Absence of effects of intermittent access to alcohol on negative affective and anxiety-like behaviors in male and female C57BL/6J mice.
Concept Underage Drinking
Academic Article Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol (AIE) Enhances the Dopaminergic Response to Ethanol within the Mesolimbic Pathway during Adulthood: Alterations in Cholinergic/Dopaminergic Genes Expression in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell.
Academic Article Assessing negative affect in mice during abstinence from alcohol drinking: Limitations and future challenges.
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