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Academic Article Normal distribution of melanocytes in the mouse heart.
Academic Article Detection of betaig-H3, a TGFbeta induced gene, during cardiac development and its complementary pattern with periostin.
Academic Article Atrioventricular valve development: new perspectives on an old theme.
Academic Article Developmental basis for filamin-A-associated myxomatous mitral valve disease.
Concept Mitral Valve Prolapse
Concept Mitral Valve Insufficiency
Concept Mitral Valve
Academic Article Alk3 mediated Bmp signaling controls the contribution of epicardially derived cells to the tissues of the atrioventricular junction.
Academic Article Mutations in DCHS1 cause mitral valve prolapse.
Academic Article Mitral valve disease--morphology and mechanisms.
Academic Article Genetic association analyses highlight biological pathways underlying mitral valve prolapse.
Academic Article Cyclic Mechanical Loading Is Essential for Rac1-Mediated Elongation and Remodeling of the Embryonic Mitral Valve.
Academic Article Targeted Mybpc3 Knock-Out Mice with Cardiac Hypertrophy Exhibit Structural Mitral Valve Abnormalities.
Academic Article Dynamic Heterogeneity of the Heart Valve Interstitial Cell Population in Mitral Valve Health and Disease.
Academic Article Inheritance Impacts Mitral Valve Insufficiency.
Academic Article New insights into mitral valve dystrophy: a Filamin-A genotype-phenotype and outcome study.
Academic Article Filamin-A as a Balance between Erk/Smad Activities During Cardiac Valve Development.
Academic Article Human pre-valvular endocardial cells derived from pluripotent stem cells recapitulate cardiac pathophysiological valvulogenesis.
Academic Article Genome-Wide Association Study-Driven Gene-Set Analyses, Genetic, and Functional Follow-Up Suggest GLIS1 as a Susceptibility Gene for Mitral Valve Prolapse.
Academic Article Primary cilia defects causing mitral valve prolapse.
Academic Article Chromatin Accessibility of Human Mitral Valves and Functional Assessment of MVP Risk Loci.
Academic Article PDGFRa: Expression and Function during Mitral Valve Morphogenesis.
Academic Article DZIP1 regulates mammalian cardiac valve development through a Cby1-ß-catenin mechanism.
Academic Article Desert hedgehog-primary cilia cross talk shapes mitral valve tissue by organizing smooth muscle actin.
Academic Article Mitral Valve Prolapse and Its Motley Crew-Syndromic Prevalence, Pathophysiology, and Progression of a Common Heart Condition.
Academic Article Collagen Fibrillogenesis in the Mitral Valve: It's a Matter of Compliance.
Academic Article Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis Supports Genes Involved in Valve and Cardiac Development to Associate With Mitral Valve Prolapse.
Academic Article DCHS1, Lix1L, and the Septin Cytoskeleton: Molecular and Developmental Etiology of Mitral Valve Prolapse.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study reveals novel genetic loci: a new polygenic risk score for mitral valve prolapse.
Academic Article Mitral Valve Prolapse Induces Regionalized Myocardial Fibrosis.
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