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Academic Article Osteocalcin, skeletal alkaline phosphatase, and bone mineral content in very low birth weight infants: a longitudinal assessment.
Academic Article A new method to examine very low birth weight fetal and hebdomadal mortality in a regionalized system of perinatal care.
Academic Article Regionalized perinatal transport systems: association with changes in location of birth, neonatal transport, and survival of very low birth weight deliveries.
Academic Article Infant health outcomes differ notably among Medicaid insurance models: evidence of a successful case management program in South Carolina.
Academic Article Infant health care costs for Medicaid-insured infants in South Carolina enrolled in three insurance plans from birth to 24 months.
Academic Article Associations between maternal age and infant health outcomes among Medicaid-insured infants in South Carolina: mediating effects of socioeconomic factors.
Academic Article Longitudinal changes in the bone mineral content of term and premature infants.
Academic Article Group-specific component in neonatal breast secretion: relationship to the cellular content.
Academic Article Necrotizing enterocolitis in neonates fed human milk.
Academic Article Well-child care in infancy and healthcare services utilization from birth to 6 years by late preterm children receiving Medicaid benefits.
Academic Article Cord blood tryptophan concentrations and total cysteine concentrations.
Academic Article Cord blood prealbumin concentrations in neonates of 22 to 44 weeks gestation.
Academic Article Evaluation of the total fetomaternal vitamin D relationships at term: evidence for racial differences.
Academic Article Procainamide excretion in human milk.
Academic Article Cord blood B cell differentiation. Synergistic effect of pokeweed mitogen and Staphylococcus aureus on in vitro differentiation of B cells from human neonates.
Academic Article Lymphocyte proliferation in a 31-week premature neonate with 69, XXX chromosomal constitution.
Academic Article Length of gestation and nutritional composition of human milk.
Academic Article Breast milk intake: 12 hour versus 24 hour assessment.
Academic Article Human milk banking: practical concerns for feeding premature infants.
Academic Article Predictors of hospital postdischarge infant mortality: implications for high-risk infant follow-up efforts.
Academic Article Effect of age on the intestinal absorption of vitamin D3-palmitate and nonesterified vitamin D2 in the term human infant.
Academic Article Special properties of human milk.
Academic Article How much vitamin D for neonates?
Academic Article Bacterial contamination of human milk: container type and method of expression.
Academic Article Early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment and infant health outcomes in Medicaid-insured infants in South Carolina.
Academic Article Infant health outcomes associated with voluntary health care model change in a choice-based Medicaid system.
Academic Article Newborn lymphocyte subpopulations: the influence of labor.
Academic Article Well-child care in infancy and emergency department use by South Carolina Medicaid children birth to 6 years old.
Academic Article Well child care in infancy and health care costs birth-six years for South Carolina Medicaid children.
Academic Article Correlation of bone mineralization in the radius and humerus of well premature neonates over the first 4 months of life.
Academic Article Placing toys, pictures, and colorful objects in the isolettes with premature infants.
Academic Article Dietary assessment of maternal vitamin D intake and correlation with maternal and neonatal serum vitamin D concentrations at delivery.
Academic Article The immunologic composition of neonatal milk: cellular components.
Academic Article Newborn hospitalization: a closer look.
Academic Article Stool water loss in very-low-birth-weight neonates.
Academic Article Cord blood amino acid concentrations from neonates of 23-41 weeks gestational age.
Academic Article Economics of neonatal back transport in South Carolina.
Academic Article Mean platelet volume and platelet distribution width in the neonate.
Academic Article Amitriptyline excretion in human milk.
Academic Article Pregnancy outcome in mothers with cystic fibrosis: normal neonatal immune responses.
Academic Article Perinatal influences on in vitro B lymphocyte differentiation in human neonates.
Academic Article Neonatal septic arthritis.
Academic Article Radioactive excretion in human milk following administration of technetium Tc 99m macroaggregated albumin.
Academic Article Neonatal nutrition training.
Academic Article Normal lymphocyte responses to mitogens in term and premature neonates following normal and abnormal intrauterine growth.
Academic Article Effects of theophylline on the neonatal immune response.
Academic Article Lymphocyte stimulation assay utilizing newborn heel skin puncture blood samples.
Academic Article Supplemental oxygen and gastric pH in unfed preterm infants.
Academic Article Continuing evolution of regionalized perinatal care: community hospital neonatal convalescent care.
Academic Article Neonatal enteral and parenteral nutrition.
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