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Academic Article Immunoregulation by breast milk cells.
Academic Article Excretion of technetium in human milk.
Academic Article Necrotizing enterocolitis in neonates fed human milk.
Academic Article Relationships among vitamin D, 25-hydroxyvitamin D, and vitamin D-binding protein concentrations in the plasma and milk of human subjects.
Academic Article The breastmilk macrophage: a potential vehicle for immunoglobulin transport.
Academic Article Bacteriostatic qualities of human milk.
Academic Article Frequency of milk expression and milk production by mothers of nonnursing premature neonates.
Academic Article Vitamin E and C concentrations in human milk with maternal megadosing: a case report.
Academic Article Procainamide excretion in human milk.
Academic Article Length of gestation and nutritional composition of human milk.
Academic Article Breast milk intake: 12 hour versus 24 hour assessment.
Academic Article Human milk banking: practical concerns for feeding premature infants.
Academic Article Osteocalcin and human milk.
Academic Article Special properties of human milk.
Academic Article Variation in the biochemical forms of transforming growth factor-alpha present in human milk and secreted by human milk macrophages.
Academic Article Bacterial contamination of human milk: container type and method of expression.
Academic Article Differentiation of cord blood lymphocytes into IgA-producing cells in response to breast milk stimulatory factor.
Academic Article The immunologic composition of neonatal milk: cellular components.
Academic Article Amitriptyline excretion in human milk.
Academic Article Radioactive excretion in human milk following administration of technetium Tc 99m macroaggregated albumin.
Academic Article Human milk banking. Effect of refrigeration on cellular components.
Academic Article Neonatal enteral and parenteral nutrition.
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