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Academic Article Along came a spider.
Academic Article The way to a man's heart is through his liver.
Academic Article Illustrious, industrious, and perhaps notorious.
Academic Article Never say dye.
Academic Article The liver has a body--a Cook's tour.
Academic Article A tree grows in the liver, and now we can see it.
Academic Article You've gotta have heart!
Academic Article Preliminary evaluation of phosphatidylethanol and alcohol consumption in patients with liver disease and hypertension.
Academic Article Sensitivity and specificity of urinary ethyl glucuronide and ethyl sulfate in liver disease patients.
Academic Article Usefulness of international normalized ratio to predict bleeding complications in patients with end-stage liver disease who undergo cardiac catheterization.
Academic Article Hair ethyl glucuronide is highly sensitive and specific for detecting moderate-to-heavy drinking in patients with liver disease.
Academic Article Pearls of pathology.
Academic Article Absolute mitochondrion.
Academic Article Old Scratch.
Academic Article The legend of the lardaceous liver.
Academic Article Factors associated with advanced liver disease in adults with alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency.
Academic Article True, true... but are they related?
Academic Article Alcohol and the liver.
Academic Article Laparoscopic hepatic resection: the MUSC experience.
Academic Article Chronic pain among liver transplant candidates.
Concept Liver Diseases, Alcoholic
Concept Liver Diseases
Academic Article Validation of blood phosphatidylethanol as an alcohol consumption biomarker in patients with chronic liver disease.
Academic Article Use of the methacetin breath test to classify the risk of cirrhotic complications and mortality in patients evaluated/listed for liver transplantation.
Concept End Stage Liver Disease
Academic Article Prognostic Value of the 13 C-Methacetin Breath Test in Adults with Acute Liver Failure and Non-acetaminophen Acute Liver Injury.
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