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Academic Article Gene therapy: ethical and social issues.
Academic Article Enhancement technology, ethics, and public policy.
Academic Article Cadaveric organ donation: rethinking donor motivation.
Academic Article Application of a web-based instruction for a clinical course.
Academic Article Responsibilities of investigators.
Academic Article Paying for kidneys: the case against prohibition.
Academic Article Witnessing death, preserving life: an ethical dilemma (hypothetical case).
Academic Article The prisoner dilemma: should convicted felons have the same access to heart transplantation as ordinary citizens? Opposing views.
Academic Article Are surgeons ethically obligated to refer patients to other surgeons who achieve better results?
Academic Article Introduction. Evolution, prevention, and responses to aggressive behavior and violence.
Academic Article Ethics gap in surgery.
Academic Article Should surgical errors always be disclosed to the patient?
Academic Article Medical ethics collides with public policy: LVAD for a patient with leukemia.
Academic Article Principles of medical ethics: the proposed revision of 2001.
Academic Article A national survey of physician-industry relationships.
Academic Article A surgeon operates on his son: wisdom or hubris?
Academic Article Ethical obligations of physicians participating in public health quarantine and isolation measures.
Academic Article Broadcast of surgical procedures as a teaching instrument in cardiothoracic surgery.
Academic Article Foundational ethics of the health care system: the moral and practical superiority of free market reforms.
Academic Article Concept of rights: philosophy and application to health care.
Academic Article Deceiving insurance companies: new expression of an ancient tradition.
Academic Article The different drummer, the double agent, and future dilemmas in bioethics.
Academic Article Autonomy and beneficence in an information age.
Academic Article A new code of ethics: the principles of ethics of the South Carolina Medical Association.
Academic Article Breaches of health information: are electronic records different from paper records?
Academic Article Ethics in cardiothoracic surgery: a survey of surgeons' views.
Academic Article Profits and professionalism.
Academic Article Responsibilities of investigators.
Academic Article John J Conley Lecture on Ethics and Philosophy. Health care reform: ethical foundations, policy, and law.
Academic Article Prisoners on death row should be accepted as organ donors.
Academic Article Introduction: The Health Care Reform Law (PPACA): controversies in ethics and policy.
Academic Article Transcatheter aortic valve replacement: clinical aspects and ethical considerations.
Academic Article Resolving the shortage of organs for transplantation: ethics, science, and technology.
Academic Article Framing for success: nocebo effects in thoracic surgery.
Academic Article Publication of unethical research studies: the importance of informed consent.
Academic Article Medical ethics committee of the SCMA opinion on S.C. Death with Dignity Act.
Academic Article Complementary and alternative medicine: foundations, ethics, and law.
Academic Article Implications of managed care for medical ethics. South Carolina Medical Association Medical Ethics Committee.
Academic Article Issues of social policy and ethics in gene technology.
Academic Article Ethical arguments against physician assisted death.
Academic Article Introduction. Defining the beginning and the end of human life: implications for ethics, policy, and law.
Academic Article Ethical process in human research published in thoracic surgery journals.
Academic Article Surgical innovation: too risky to remain unregulated?
Academic Article Report of the American Medical Association Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs: withholding information from patients: rethinking the propriety of "therapeutic privilege".
Academic Article Introduction: reflections on emerging technologies at the centennial of organ transplantation.
Academic Article Clinical trials of xenotransplantation: waiver of the right to withdraw from a clinical trial should be required.
Academic Article On moralizing and hidden agendas: the pot and the kettle in political bioethics.
Academic Article Lethal injection and physicians: state law vs medical ethics.
Academic Article Religions and cultures of East and west: perspectives on bioethics. Introduction.
Academic Article Placebo use in clinical practice: report of the American Medical Association Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs.
Academic Article Broadcast of surgical procedures as a teaching instrument in cardiothoracic surgery.
Academic Article The ethics of transparency: publication of cardiothoracic surgical outcomes in the lay press.
Academic Article Relations between cardiothoracic surgeons and industry.
Academic Article Dangerous liaisons? Industry relations with health professionals.
Academic Article Impending loss of insurance coverage is an indication to proceed with complex, expensive surgery.
Academic Article Conundrums and controversies in mental health and illness.
Academic Article Ethical problems in invasive clinical research.
Academic Article The ethics of mechanical support: the need for new guidelines.
Academic Article Why physicians should not lie for their patients.
Academic Article Ethical issues in cardiac surgery.
Academic Article Developing policies on do-not-resuscitate orders: legal, ethical, and clinical issues. SCHA/SCMA Joint Committee on Futile Care and DNR Orders.
Concept Ethics Committees
Concept Ethics, Medical
Concept Ethics, Research
Concept Ethics
Concept Ethics, Clinical
Concept Ethics Committees, Research
Concept Codes of Ethics
Concept Ethics Consultation
Academic Article The graying of America: challenges and controversies.
Academic Article Evolution of STS ethical standards: adjudication, policy making, and education.
Academic Article Perceptions of academic health science research center personnel regarding informed consent processes and therapeutic misconception.
Academic Article Introduction: Brain science in the 21st century: clinical controversies and ethical and legal implications.
Academic Article Introduction: Ethical and Legal Issues in Pediatrics.
Academic Article Wearable Technologies in Collegiate Sports: The Ethics of Collecting Biometric Data From Student-Athletes.
Academic Article Should Family Presence Be Allowed During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation?
Academic Article Surgical ethics: today and tomorrow.
Academic Article Clinical and Translational Research Ethics: Training Consultants and Biomedical Research Personnel.
Academic Article Delegation of Informed Consent: Law and Ethics.
Academic Article Introduction: Perspectives on Alzheimer's Disease: Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues.
Academic Article Ethics of Recruiting Research Subjects Through Social Media.
Academic Article Ethical standards for cardiothoracic surgeons' participation in social media.
Academic Article New Liver Allocation Policy: Flawed Moral and Empirical Foundations.
Academic Article Ethics in resource-constrained settings: When palliation is more important than another scar.
Academic Article Transatlantic Editorial: Institutional Investigations of Ethically Flawed Reports in Cardiothoracic Surgery Journals.
Academic Article Surgical Ethics: How I Teach It.
Academic Article Regulating Marijuana Use in the United States: Moving Past the Gateway Hypothesis of Drug Use.
Academic Article Introduction: Opioid Controversies: The Crisis - Causes and Solutions.
Academic Article Unethical Studies on Transplantation in Cardiothoracic Surgery Journals.
Academic Article INTRODUCTION: Race and Ethnicity in 21st Century Health Care.
Academic Article Normothermic regional perfusion: Ethical issues in thoracic organ donation.
Academic Article Clinical xenotransplantation seems close: Ethical issues persist.
Academic Article American Association for Thoracic Surgery Cardiothoracic Ethics Forum Mini-Symposium: Measuring surgical competence: Why, when, how, and what to do about it.
Academic Article Ethical Issues in Xenotransplantation: The First Pig-to-Human Heart Transplant.
Academic Article Normothermic Regional Perfusion: Ethical Issues in Thoracic Organ Donation.
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