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Academic Article The effect of tacrine and leupeptin on the secretion of the beta-amyloid precursor protein in HeLa cells.
Academic Article Release of nontransmembrane full-length Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein from the lumenar surface of chromaffin granule membranes.
Academic Article Increased biosynthesis of Alzheimer amyloid precursor protein in the cerebral cortex of rats with lesions of the nucleus basalis of Meynert.
Academic Article A novel gamma -secretase assay based on detection of the putative C-terminal fragment-gamma of amyloid beta protein precursor.
Academic Article Characterization of recombinant, soluble beta-secretase from an insect cell expression system.
Academic Article Phenserine regulates translation of beta -amyloid precursor protein mRNA by a putative interleukin-1 responsive element, a target for drug development.
Academic Article Convertases other than furin cleave beta-secretase to its mature form.
Academic Article Advances in the cellular and molecular biology of the beta-amyloid protein in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article The secretion of amyloid beta-peptides is inhibited in the tacrine-treated human neuroblastoma cells.
Academic Article Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins play an important role in the biogenesis of the Alzheimer's amyloid beta-protein.
Academic Article Lipid rafts play an important role in A beta biogenesis by regulating the beta-secretase pathway.
Academic Article Alzheimer's disease beta-amyloid peptide is increased in mice deficient in endothelin-converting enzyme.
Academic Article The role of the carboxyl-terminal fragments of amyloid precursor protein in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Exact cleavage site of Alzheimer amyloid precursor in neuronal PC-12 cells.
Academic Article Selective butyrylcholinesterase inhibition elevates brain acetylcholine, augments learning and lowers Alzheimer beta-amyloid peptide in rodent.
Academic Article Identification of novel small molecule inhibitors of amyloid precursor protein synthesis as a route to lower Alzheimer's disease amyloid-beta peptide.
Academic Article The experimental Alzheimer's disease drug posiphen [(+)-phenserine] lowers amyloid-beta peptide levels in cell culture and mice.
Academic Article Cell-free assays for gamma-secretase activity.
Academic Article Reduction of Abeta accumulation in the Tg2576 animal model of Alzheimer's disease after oral administration of the phosphatidyl-inositol kinase inhibitor wortmannin.
Academic Article Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate stimulates gamma-secretase to increase the generation of Abeta and APP-CTFgamma.
Academic Article Role of DNA dynamics in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article High cholesterol-induced neuroinflammation and amyloid precursor protein processing correlate with loss of working memory in mice.
Academic Article Beta-secretase: structure, function, and evolution.
Academic Article Vitamin D3-enriched diet correlates with a decrease of amyloid plaques in the brain of AßPP transgenic mice.
Academic Article Nicotine lowers the secretion of the Alzheimer's amyloid beta-protein precursor that contains amyloid beta-peptide in rat.
Academic Article Glucagon-like peptide-1 decreases endogenous amyloid-beta peptide (Abeta) levels and protects hippocampal neurons from death induced by Abeta and iron.
Academic Article APH1, PEN2, and Nicastrin increase Abeta levels and gamma-secretase activity.
Academic Article Major carboxyl terminal fragments generated by ?-secretase processing of the Alzheimer amyloid precursor are 50 and 51 amino acids long.
Academic Article Beta-secretase processing of the Alzheimer's amyloid protein precursor (APP).
Academic Article Evidence that secretase cleavage of cell surface Alzheimer amyloid precursor occurs after normal endocytic internalization.
Academic Article Heat-shock induces abnormalities in the cellular distribution of amyloid precursor protein (APP) and APP fusion proteins.
Academic Article Study of the phorbol ester effect on Alzheimer amyloid precursor processing: sequence requirements and involvement of a cholera toxin sensitive protein.
Academic Article Evidence for intracellular cleavage of the Alzheimer's amyloid precursor in PC12 cells.
Academic Article Gene structure and organization of the human beta-secretase (BACE) promoter.
Academic Article Functional characterization of the 5' flanking region of the BACE gene: identification of a 91 bp fragment involved in basal level of BACE promoter expression.
Academic Article Differential expression of cholesterol hydroxylases in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Amyloid precursor protein compartmentalization restricts beta-amyloid production: therapeutic targets based on BACE compartmentalization.
Academic Article A partial failure of membrane protein turnover may cause Alzheimer's disease: a new hypothesis.
Academic Article Increased App expression in a mouse model of Down's syndrome disrupts NGF transport and causes cholinergic neuron degeneration.
Academic Article Neurine, an acetylcholine autolysis product, elevates secreted amyloid-beta protein precursor and amyloid-beta peptide levels, and lowers neuronal cell viability in culture: a role in Alzheimer's disease?
Academic Article Taking down the unindicted co-conspirators of amyloid beta-peptide-mediated neuronal death: shared gene regulation of BACE1 and APP genes interacting with CREB, Fe65 and YY1 transcription factors.
Academic Article Insulysin cleaves the APP cytoplasmic fragment at multiple sites.
Academic Article An increase in Abeta42 in the prefrontal cortex is associated with a reversal-learning impairment in Alzheimer's disease model Tg2576 APPsw mice.
Academic Article Cholinergic degeneration and memory loss delayed by vitamin E in a Down syndrome mouse model.
Academic Article Pigment epithelium-derived factor maintains retinal pigment epithelium function by inhibiting vascular endothelial growth factor-R2 signaling through gamma-secretase.
Academic Article Differential accumulation of secreted AbetaPP metabolites in ocular fluids.
Academic Article Targets for AD treatment: conflicting messages from ?-secretase inhibitors.
Academic Article The Psen1-L166P-knock-in mutation leads to amyloid deposition in human wild-type amyloid precursor protein YAC transgenic mice.
Academic Article Synthesis of the Alzheimer drug Posiphen into its primary metabolic products (+)-N1-norPosiphen, (+)-N8-norPosiphen and (+)-N1, N8-bisnorPosiphen, their inhibition of amyloid precursor protein, a-Synuclein synthesis, interleukin-1ß release, and cholinergic action.
Academic Article The Alzheimer's amyloid precursor is cleaved intracellularly in the trans-Golgi network or in a post-Golgi compartment.
Academic Article Cellular processing and proteoglycan nature of amyloid precursor proteins.
Concept Amyloid beta-Protein Precursor
Concept Amyloid Precursor Protein Secretases
Academic Article Evidence of a novel mechanism for partial ?-secretase inhibition induced paradoxical increase in secreted amyloid ß protein.
Academic Article Evidence for lymphatic Aß clearance in Alzheimer's transgenic mice.
Academic Article Amyloid-ß precursor protein synthesis inhibitors for Alzheimer's disease treatment.
Academic Article Amyloid-beta protein clearance and degradation (ABCD) pathways and their role in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Beta-Amyloid Precursor Protein (ßAPP) Processing in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).
Academic Article Rivastigmine modifies the a-secretase pathway and potentially early Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Sex-Specific Regulation of ß-Secretase: A Novel Estrogen Response Element (ERE)-Dependent Mechanism in Alzheimer's Disease.
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