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Academic Article The relaxin receptor-binding site geometry suggests a novel gripping mode of interaction.
Academic Article Synthesis and conformational analysis of the insulin-like 4 gene product.
Academic Article The primary structure and the disulfide links of the bovine relaxin-like factor (RLF).
Academic Article Tryptophan B27 in the relaxin-like factor (RLF) is crucial for RLF receptor-binding.
Academic Article Specific, high affinity relaxin-like factor receptors.
Academic Article Synthetic cross-links arrest the C-terminal region of the relaxin-like factor in an active conformation.
Academic Article Total synthesis of human relaxin and human relaxin derivatives by solid-phase peptide synthesis and site-directed chain combination.
Academic Article Cryptorchidism induced in normal rats by the relaxin-like factor inhibitor.
Academic Article Relaxin-like factor (RLF) serum concentrations and gubernaculum RLF receptor display in relation to pre- and neonatal development of rats.
Academic Article Replacement of disulfides by amide bonds in the relaxin-like factor (RLF/INSL3) reveals a role for the A11-B10 link in transmembrane signaling.
Academic Article Isolation and partial amino acid sequence of three subunit species of porcine spleen ferritin: evidence of multiple H subunits.
Academic Article Relaxin: structures, functions, promises, and nonevolution.
Academic Article The expression of human relaxin in yeast.
Academic Article Identification of a glycosylated relaxin-like molecule from the male Atlantic stingray, Dasyatis sabina.
Academic Article The trap-like relaxin-binding site of the leucine-rich G-protein-coupled receptor 7.
Academic Article LGR8 signal activation by the relaxin-like factor.
Academic Article The mode of interaction of the relaxin-like factor (RLF) with the leucine-rich repeat G protein-activated receptor 8.
Academic Article Relaxin.
Academic Article Solution structure of a conformationally restricted fully active derivative of the human relaxin-like factor.
Academic Article Monobiotinylated relaxins. Preparation and chemical properties of the mono(biotinyl-epsilon-aminohexanoyl) porcine relaxin.
Academic Article On the receptor binding site of relaxins.
Academic Article Cetacean relaxin. Isolation and sequence of relaxins from Balaenoptera acutorostrata and Balaenoptera edeni.
Academic Article A novel Leydig cell cDNA-derived protein is a relaxin-like factor.
Academic Article The receptor-binding site of human relaxin II. A dual prong-binding mechanism.
Academic Article Mouse relaxin: synthesis and biological activity of the first relaxin with an unusual crosslinking pattern.
Academic Article Structural contribution of the A-chain loop in relaxin.
Academic Article Introduction of relaxin properties into other hormones of insulin-like structure.
Academic Article Chemical synthesis of a Zwitterhormon, insulaxin, and of a relaxin-like bombyxin derivative.
Academic Article The chemical synthesis of rat relaxin and the unexpectedly high potency of the synthetic hormone in the mouse.
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