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Academic Article Emergence of oral and locomotor activity in chronic haloperidol-treated rats following cortical N-methyl-D-aspartate stimulation.
Academic Article Chronic haloperidol-induced alterations in pallidal GABA and striatal D(1)-mediated dopamine turnover as measured by dual probe microdialysis in rats.
Academic Article Decreased pallidal GABA following reverse microdialysis with clozapine, but not haloperidol.
Academic Article Chronic neuroleptic treatment in rats produces persisting changes in GABAA and dopamine D-2, but not dopamine D-1 receptors.
Academic Article Delayed appearance of facial tics following chronic fluphenazine administration to guinea pigs.
Academic Article Neuroleptic-induced oral movements in rats: methodological issues.
Academic Article Assessment of striatal extracellular dopamine and dopamine metabolites by microdialysis in haloperidol-treated rats exhibiting oral dyskinesia.
Academic Article Autoradiographic analysis of regional alterations in brain receptors following chronic administration and withdrawal of typical and atypical neuroleptics in rats.
Academic Article Intermittent and continuous haloperidol regimens produce different types of oral dyskinesias in rats.
Academic Article Comparison of chronic administration of haloperidol and the atypical neuroleptics, clozapine and raclopride, in an animal model of tardive dyskinesia.
Academic Article Rats administered chronic neuroleptics develop oral movements which are similar in form to those in humans with tardive dyskinesia.
Academic Article Tremorous mouth movements in rats administered chronic neuroleptics.
Concept Dyskinesia, Drug-Induced
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